What is your girlfriend – types of best friends and their features

What is your best friend - types of girlfriends“Nothing beautifies a woman like a well-chosen girlfriend.” Friends are different: with some we forget grievances, with someone we can cry, and with others we are ready to take a ticket to the ends of the world and leave in an unknown direction.

But what kind of friends should be in the life of every successful girl?

Don’t you have a best friend? And what to do in such a situation?

Former classmate

Any of your meetings is an exciting excursion during your school years. She knows perfectly well how you disliked solving logarithms, and with whom you had your first kiss in ninth grade, and you keep every photo of her with this funny skirt.

She remembers about you even those facts that you yourself had time to forget – perhaps that is why you love her so much. Friends like these help you think about the fleetingness of time – and the importance of appreciating moments.

Even if your communication is interrupted, you can always call a friend, meet for tea – and immerse yourself in memories again.

Types of girlfriends


As much as we sometimes want to hear the bitter truth, we need people who will comfort us in difficult times.

A caring friend will come at the right time with a freshly baked gingerbread cookie, tell you how wonderful you are, and lend her shoulder to make you cry a little. After that, such a friend will offer to go shopping, to a club, or try other methods of treating female depression.

Most of all, people with similar aspirations want to help a loved one, and thanks to their warmth and bestowal, mental wounds really heal faster.

18 principles a real girlfriend should follow

Types of best friends

Work friend

With such a friend, the work routine is no longer boring, and sometimes you even think that she knows more about you than your husband.

Still would! You are having lunch together, drinking coffee (your office friend has already learned the mantra that you love sugar-free cappuccino), discussing the latest episodes of the series.

Of course, no conversation is complete without innocent friendly gossip about current affairs at work and colleagues. It’s a shame that this kind of communication isn’t conducive to a productive workflow, but who cares?

Types of girlfriends

Energetic and businesslike

A successful businesswoman, or just a person who cannot sit in one place, will charge you with her frantic energy. She will show by her own example that you need to fight for happiness and success.

And when you once again justify your laziness with “difficult times”, your business friend will certainly ask you a motivating question in the style of “Will you be happy if in five years you continue to work for this greedy man and do the same as now?” …

What's your best friend


A fashionable friend will always help you with choosing a dress for your birthday, will tell the manicurist, whom she has been visiting for more than a year, the nearest gym in order to lose weight by the summer.

It is to her that you rush for advice when you want to dye your hair or buy new shoes. A fashionista is the main incentive for you to look beautiful and young.

However, one must be careful that such a friendship does not turn into rivalry and competition for the right to buy the latest perfume.


“Well, shall we order the fifth box of pizza?” – your crazy adventures begin with this innocent phrase.

Are you embarrassed to meet a nice guy? Can’t relax on the dance floor? It doesn’t matter, these friends will force you to step out of your comfort zone – and have a lot of fun.

Of course, you should not listen to advice on a work plan or a new project, but you need to appreciate your holiday friend just as much.

Best friend


To have a friend who is in the next apartment – what could be better? She will not only share the salt, but will also sit with the children, meet the workers if you urgently need to rush on business.

In addition, you can always complain about the noise of the neighbors upstairs, the work of the cleaning lady – and find support, because you are in the same boat with your neighbor.

What to do if your best friend envies you – we are looking for reasons for envy and rid our friend of her

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