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Tired of your boss’s silly jokes? Is the salary barely enough to pay for a communal apartment? Are rework taking up all your free time? Are you trying to escape from this hell, but are you afraid to stay at a broken trough?

Let’s breathe out and listen to what I’m going to tell you now. It’s time to make up your mind for a change! While you sit back and spend strength and energy on work you hate, time flies by. Let’s figure out how to overcome fear, get off the ground and live to the fullest.

1. Look closer

I want to quit

Suppose that you have already decided to change your job, but are afraid that you will not be able to realize yourself in another area, it is not necessary to immediately start everything from a blank page. Your field of activity is not limited to the office in which you are currently employed.

Imagine for a second that you are at work for the first time. What were you interested in? What attracted you? Take a fresh look at everything: Read about the latest trends and cool organizations online. Imagine how else you could apply your knowledge and skills: you can become a personal consultant or, for example, try yourself as a coach.

Many people find their calling many times closer than they imagine. But before leaving your boring work, you should first consider the options available to you right now.

2. Expand your circle of interests

“Get out where you haven’t been yet, but where something interesting is happening.”… Elena Rezanova.

If you want to fundamentally change your life, first you need to determine the circle of your own interests. We often plunge headlong into the “working tunnel” and see ourselves in only one role. We work in one direction and do not try to try ourselves in other areas. But there are so many opportunities around!

Ronald Reagan has long worked as a radio announcer. And then he became the president of the United States. Director Brian Cranston worked as a loader in his youth. Suze Orman worked as a waitress until the age of 30, and now she is in the TOP lists of Forbes. And there are hundreds of such stories. Few find their calling the first time. But if you fold your arms and go with the flow, it will be unrealistic to succeed.

Try yourself in everything. Go to trainings, learn from online videos, try a variety of lectures. Constantly look for something new and unknown for yourself. Ultimately, you will be able to get out of the impasse and understand what needs to be done next.

look clearer

3. Take action!

“Try one thing, then another, then a third. Be honest: if you don’t like it, quit. Mix. Do it. Leave only that which really ignites you, and start to work hard. “ Larisa Parfentieva.

You can pour from empty to empty for years, think over hundreds of ways to change your life, reflect on your true vocation, but do nothing. If you already at least roughly understand what you want to do, do not waste time on unnecessary thoughts.

Just relax and take action. There is no single purpose that a person chooses once and for life. Follow your desires. Go ahead, look around you, evaluate new knowledge and think about what to do next. Improvisation is the best solution in this situation.

4. Say NO to fears

No matter how long you postpone your dismissal, it will still happen. A person is always afraid of losing stability – and this is normal. After all, now you have an understanding of tomorrow. And the future blows with misunderstanding and fear.

do not be afraid

Career strategist Elena Rezanova gave one very interesting comparison in an interview:

“At least some kind of stability in an unloved job is like an unhappy marriage with an alcoholic. After all, this is also “at least some kind of” family. “

I agree, risk is always scary. And instead of using new opportunities, we remain in a familiar place. But where does this lead us in the end?

Consider an adventure in uncertainty. Decide once for a change and imagine that you are embarking on an entertaining journey through uncharted terrain, and along the way you will find a lot of cool discoveries and unique emotions.

If now you do not dare to rush into the pool with your head, then you risk missing your own life, wasting it on trifles. And this thought should really motivate you.

5. Organize your dream test drive

Think you have a dream that you always wanted to fulfill, but could not make up your mind? It’s time to try the unknown. Otherwise, ten, fifteen, twenty years will pass – and you will regret that you didn’t take the risk.

Organize a small test drive. Take a vacation and start trying out. Have you dreamed of becoming a writer? Take a couple of copywriting courses. Do you want to try yourself as a designer? Make a unique renovation in your own apartment.

Test Drive

If in the end everything will be as you imagined, get down to business closely. And if the dream has not passed the test of strength, it does not matter either. Even a bad step is the way forward. And your goal is to get rid of stagnation. Go ahead, try the unknown – and you will definitely find yourself.

Now think about how cool your life will be if you get an interesting job and do what you love. Feel in all shades the emotions that you will experience. Well, maybe it’s worth the risk?

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