new lip makeup trend

Do not be surprised, but this freshest trend is a cross between the Bratz doll and the Joker, and it is unlikely to go unnoticed among fashionistas.

Classic lip makeup techniques

Photo @hayley_bui

Unlike eyes, lip makeup does not require a lot of effort and time. While simple lipstick is always a win-win, some ladies use a whole arsenal of lip products, including gloss and pencil, to give them a special touch. By the way, a pencil is indispensable for increasing the volume of lips, and celebrities often resort to this trick. How to do it?

Just use a darker colored pencil to carefully draw the so-called Cupid’s bow and emphasize the natural contour of the mouth. Victoria Beckham, sisters Jenner and Lily-Rose Depp have been using this technique for more than one year.

However, over the past month, a new way to apply lip makeup has revolutionized social media. Only in Tik Tok there are already hundreds of master classes and lessons for drawing Lip Wings (literally this trend can be translated as “lip wings”). A very original “lip version” for the brave and risky young ladies!

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What does Lip Wings look like?

Make a juicy mouth for the Bratz doll, paint the corners of the mouth like the Joker – and voila, you’ve done Lip Wings. But seriously, this new trend has the right to be successful. So, after drawing the outline of Cupid’s bow, complete the line with a comma at the corners of the upper lip. It is such a curl outward, like an eyeliner for “cat” eyes. Then apply lipstick of the desired color. According to make-up artists who are quite interested in this new technique, the “lip wings” create a vintage effect similar to dolls’ makeup from the 2000s.

Photo @hayley_bui

By the way, the popular blogger Hayley Bui offers her beauty hack on how to quickly draw Lip Wings (like a Bratz doll) using eyeshadow.

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