5 women who made millions from their hobby

“The best job is a high-paying hobby.” This is the popular saying that is used in various trainings and coaching sessions for motivation. But is it really real?

Is it possible to make a decent fortune just by doing what you love? Of course yes. We will introduce you to women who have managed to derive millions of benefits from their hobbies.

J.K. Rowling and her magical world

5 women who turned their hobby into a work of life and made millions from it
Photo @jkrowling_official

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Until the age of 30, research assistant and secretary Joanne did not think that she would receive recognition in the field of literature. Having survived the departure of the mother and a difficult divorce, the woman lived and raised the child on welfare.

On one of her trips, she got the idea to write a story about the “boy who survived.” And it became a key moment in her life.

First novel “Harry Potter” made Joan the best-selling author in a flash. In just 5 years, the life of a housewife has changed dramatically, now J.K. Rowling is considered a multimillionaire.

She has been writing since the age of six, but it was only 25 years later that her hobby bore fruit.

Anna Maria Fayola and her soap story

5 women who turned their hobby into a work of life and made millions from it
Photo @ brambleberry

Anna Maria, while still at school, became interested in making soap. And only by the age of 20 she decided to monetize her hobby. Taking a large loan through the government’s small business support program, she developed a promotion concept that was extremely popular with her clients – LOVE

The boom on the Internet helped the girl quickly develop her online business. Her company, Bramble Berry, makes an average of $ 3 million annually. There are almost 3000 items in the assortment. It all started with an ordinary school hobby.

Rachel Rae and her culinary revolution

5 women who turned their hobby into a work of life and made millions from it
Photo @ rachaelray

Rachel was an ordinary girl who loved to cook. Later she was invited to a local TV channel, where she showed her culinary skills.

Its ingeniously developed concept helped to break into big business. Her show 30 Minute Meals is designed just for those who do not like cooking and are afraid to go into the kitchen for more than half an hour. The format unexpectedly took root and Rachel’s business went uphill.

The first two years she worked in the literal sense of the word “for food”, then she began to receive $ 50 per graduation. And in 2009, Rachel was already in 79th place in the Forbes lists of the most influential celebrities on the planet. Then her income rose to $ 15 million.

Rosanna Pansino and her plushy channel

5 women who turned their hobby into a work of life and made millions from it
Photo @rosannapansino

Rosie’s hobby was cooking. Donuts, muffins, complex dishes – everything was given to the girl easily, but disappeared from the plates quickly. Once Rosana’s friends persuaded her to create her own culinary channel on Youtube.

Pansino quickly made it to the top and became one of the most popular food bloggers. Now there are more than 13 million subscribers on her channel, which brings the woman a regular and considerable income.

Lane Echmann and her paper products

5 women who turned their hobby into a work of life and made millions from it
Photo @ lain.ehmann

Lane Echmann, scrapbooker and project blogger “Layout a Day”, began to make money on what was always regarded solely as a hobby. Through her blog, Lane began teaching other people the craft of scrapbooking through notes, workshops and online meetings with subscribers.

Lane’s number of subscribers increased every day, and with them her income. Thus, the woman proved that by doing what she loves, you can become the owner of a six-digit number in your bank account.

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