What type of career is right for you

What type of career is right for you - an accurate test of types and types of careersIn life, we are required to answer the question “who will I become when I grow up” rather early on. On the one hand, this allows one to analyze oneself from childhood, try on various roles and professions. On the other hand, expectations and reality rarely converge, and, even following a dream, one can be very disappointed.

Or keep on mentally trying on professions – and wait for that mythical dream job to be found.

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  1. Career types
  2. Career types
  3. Test for types and types of careers
  4. Decoding the results

Professional career tests make finding the perfect job much easier. They allow you to identify predispositions to certain areas, strengths and weaknesses of the personality.

But few tests take into account types and types of careers. This is confusing and makes it impossible to think through – and manage your career ambitions and desires.

We suggest that you take an accurate test for the type of career that suits you best. But first – a brief educational program on the types and types of careers.

Yes, yes, as it turned out – careers, careers, strife!

Career type and type test

Career types

Career types allow you to see the professional development of a person throughout his career.


A vertical career is the clearest and most obvious kind. A person gets a job at a low rank-and-file position – and, with the growth of professionalism, becomes a leading specialist, then a head of a department, then a head of a direction, etc.

It is this type that is usually meant by the word “career”. The employee masters his duties and general corporate culture, after which he takes on new things, discarding some of the old ones. He is entrusted with management functions, which are gradually expanded as long as the company’s resources are sufficient.


The horizontal view of a career is not as obvious as the vertical one. An ordinary employee does not become a boss, he remains at about the same level of the organizational hierarchy. He can expand his range of responsibilities, he can move to a similar position in another department, etc.

This type of career is most typical for companies with a flexible approach to organizational structure. A specialist changes his duties at his will or because of the needs of the company – and receives corresponding bonuses and rewards. Or a person moves to work in other companies in similar positions, due to better pay, family circumstances, etc.

A horizontal career is more desirable for many than a vertical one. It allows you to focus on your professional skills, achieving mastery and not being distracted by other functionality that you may not like.

Not many people want to become bosses, organize the work of other people, bear serious responsibility for the actions of their subordinates, motivate and inspire colleagues.

Zigzag (stepped)

It rarely happens that an individual’s career is clearly horizontal or vertical. Rather, it looks like steps or zigzags. At a certain point in time, an employee can get a promotion in the horizontal view, and there he is already promoted to the boss.

Or another situation – dismissal and subsequent placement in a lower but promising position.

Also, do not forget about the problems of leaving maternity leave.

A broken line career is the most common type of career advancement. It doesn’t matter if this line is going up or down, the main thing is comfortable and suitable work with decent wages.

But, if you are not sure about your current place of work, it is worth taking tests for the development of a business career.

What type of career is right for you - an accurate test of types and types of careers

Career types

Career type is a more complex concept based on certain personality traits. Some people “leave work at work” and calmly delimit areas of life. Others are always thinking about business tasks and even falling asleep, planning a work day.

There are also those who prefer a stable and clear to-do list. Someone in such a routine becomes unbearably bored.

Some live in order to come up with innovation and become legendary. Others prefer to sit still and be a “cog in the system.”

There are no good or bad character traits and preferences. Over the course of a lifetime, preferences and dispositions can change dramatically. Today, it is convenient for an accounting employee to perform routine work, and in a year he decides to take responsibility – and will follow in the footsteps of entrepreneurship.

The main thing is to listen to yourself, analyze your desires and preferences. And career choice tests can help.


Such a career is suitable for those who agree to obey the rules of a large company, for the sake of stability and high salaries.

The job does not have to be interesting, the main thing is that it brings money and other bonuses.


People who gravitate towards a static type of career like clear routine tasks most of all.

If you do not test such employees for strength, do not fill up with deadlines and do not force to overwork, then they will not burn out in the workplace.


The professional type of career is the golden mean between performing routine tasks and constant initiative.

Such people will not work only for an idea, but too monotonous duties will quickly get bored, even with high wages.


This type of career is characterized by work for an idea. Low wages are not the most important thing.

It is important that the responsibilities are interesting and rewarding. Boring work will quickly burn out such careerists. People with a penchant for creative careers are extremely rare.


This type of people easily take responsibility for new ideas and projects. They are not afraid to take risks and come up with non-trivial solutions to the problem.

They are ready to recycle, take on more and more complex projects and lead people. The fact that most will be stressful is part of life for them.

What type of career is right for you - an accurate test of types and types of careers

Test for types and types of careers

In order for any career technology tests to produce results that are close to reality, it is worthwhile to devote time to exploration of one’s own character… Knowing yourself, it is much easier to find an interesting job.

And for those who are a little familiar with their character and predispositions, it is proposed to go through a short test for types and types of careers

Mark the most appropriate answers and count the line in the answers you chose most often.

1. You often do things out of curiosity.

    1. Often
    2. Often
    3. From time to time
    4. Rarely
    5. Almost never

2. You easily start communicating with strangers

    1. Yes
    2. Rather yes
    3. Only if there is a reason
    4. Not
    5. Absolutely not

3. You consider yourself more creative than practical person

    1. Yes
    2. Rather yes
    3. As creative as it is practical
    4. Not
    5. Absolutely not

4. Do you often think about how your actions can affect others?

    1. Often
    2. Yes, sometimes
    3. Sometimes
    4. Almost never
    5. I never really think

5. The best thing is to act according to circumstances, plans can always be changed

    1. Yes
    2. Rather yes
    3. Sometimes true
    4. Wrong
    5. Absolutely wrong

6. You love to read about new products and scientific discoveries in various fields

    1. Often
    2. Yes sometimes
    3. Sometimes
    4. Almost never
    5. Never interested

7. If you need to make an important decision, it is better to trust intuition than logic

    1. Yes, I always do that
    2. I try to find a compromise
    3. Yes, sometimes I do it
    4. No, but I do it occasionally
    5. No i never do that

8. You easily plan your activities

    1. Yes, but not always
    2. No problem
    3. Rather yes than no
    4. No, there are problems
    5. No, absolutely nothing works

9. You listen to advice and try to apply what others have done.

    1. Yes, I do it often
    2. Yes, sometimes I do it
    3. I listen, but do not apply
    4. I rarely use
    5. I do not like it when they interfere with my work

10. You consider yourself a person you can rely on in a difficult situation

    1. More likely no than yes
    2. Yes absolutely
    3. Yes, with rare exceptions
    4. Yes, but I assess my strength soberly
    5. No, but I’m trying to fix it

Calculate which letter you chose most often in the answers. She will tell you which professions and industries you should look at, and how to plan your career.

Career Test Results - Transcript

Decoding the test results for the type and type of career that is best for you

A Creative type… It is worth taking a closer look at the creative professions. Curiosity, openness to new and interesting things will help to come up with new products and services, and work with creative tasks, for which it is impossible to draw up comprehensive instructions.

For you, horizontal career advancements will be most successful.

B – Entrepreneurial type… It is worth considering entrepreneurship or project management. You are moderately curious and can take risks, but find a balance between intuition and facts. Such qualities are good for leaders who are not too constrained by corporate rules.

It will be comfortable for you to move up the career vertical.

C – Professional type… You easily adapt to most of the current professions. Take a closer look at expert positions, private consulting. Any position with an in-depth knowledge of a specific area is fine.

Such activities are more suitable for a horizontal career.

D – Corporate type… Practicality and discretion are a great combination for building a vertical career. You do not take risks, you prefer an understandable path, but if necessary, you will step out of your comfort zone.

Look for vacancies with understandable career growth, stable salary without obscure accrual schemes in any popular industry.

E – Static type… A job that requires attentiveness, diligence and strict adherence to the rules is suitable for you. This lack of ambition is usually not very well paid at the start, but executives are valued in companies.

The main thing is not to get stuck in one position, and at least slightly change your responsibilities in horizontal development.

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