6 best manufacturers of demi-season children’s shoes

Summer is coming to an end, and with the approach of autumn, many parents are puzzled by the choice of demi-season shoes for their baby: “Which company to give preference to?”, “Which model to choose?”, “Is it worth overpaying for a popular brand?” The stores feature a huge number of firms and models from budget to the most expensive. At the same time, going shopping with a child, looking for and trying on shoes can be extremely tiring. But we want to choose the best. Quality, material, last are extremely important indicators when choosing. The healthy development of the musculoskeletal system depends on the right footwear.

10 recommendations when choosing children’s shoes

  1. Child activity. If the child is active, then it is better to stay with a membrane or textile models.
  2. Insulation. It is chosen not only according to the weather, but also according to the indications of a doctor. If the baby’s legs are constantly freezing, then it is better to take a warmer model.
  3. The appearance of the shoe. Beautiful patent leather boots are unlikely to be suitable for daily walks; they can be taken for trips by car or to the mall. A lot of beads, laces that are too long, rivets are also not the best option: a child can constantly cling to them or accidentally tear them off.
  4. Lifting shoes. Some models do not have very comfortable lifts, which makes it very difficult to slip a leg into a boot or boot.
  5. The size. You should not buy footwear “for growth” or end-to-end. It is better to buy a suitable size with a small margin (1-1.5 cm) so that the baby can walk comfortably.
  6. Loose fit. Shoes should not constrain the child’s foot.
  7. Comfortable sock. Children’s shoes should have a spacious round toe. Sharp-toed shoes will squeeze toes, disrupt circulation and change gait.
  8. Quality… Try to choose shoes made from natural materials.
  9. Heel fixation. Children’s shoes should have a hard, high and well-fitting heel counter.
  10. Heel. Orthopedists recommend choosing children’s shoes with 5-7 mm heels. The heel should occupy at least a third of the length of the sole.

The best manufacturers of children’s shoes according to 1000 mothers

  • Lassie. One of the leading companies. They have a large selection of demi-season shoes for boys and girls. Excellent value for money. As demi-season shoes, you can buy sneakers, boots or low shoes. The footwear of this company has an anatomical structure, fits well on a full leg, has a thick sole and does not get wet.


Mommy reviews:

Natalia: “This is not the first time we have taken shoes from this company. We decided to take shoes for the spring. Daughters like them very much. The legs do not get tired, they are always warm and dry. We calmly walk in them up to a temperature of +5 “.

Veronica: “Both the elder and the younger got Lassie boots. They look like sneakers. I even thought it would be cold in them in autumn. But they keep warm inside perfectly. Children splash in them in puddles, never got wet. Velcro is strong. The only negative for me is the suede toe. “

  • Kotofey. One of the most long-standing manufacturers of children’s shoes. Ideal for both young children and teenagers. Among the models there are classic ones with a laconic design, as well as bright models with drawings or multi-heroes. For girls for autumn-spring, you can choose boots, ankle boots or boots of this company, and for a boy boots, low boots or ankle boots. For active children, you can choose membrane shoes that have a sporty design.


Parents’ comments:

Alexandra: “We took Kotofey’s boots for my daughter. She doesn’t want to take them off at all. High quality, do not get wet, which is very important with a three-year-old child. “

Inna: “First steps – Kotofey – excellent footwear. Hard back, orthopedics. Nice appearance. The size corresponds to the size. Not small, not large. A hundred times fell in them – and only 2 scratches on the toe – strong and good shoes!

  • Minimen Excellent orthopedic shoes for boys and girls. Mostly demi-season models are presented in the form of boots, low boots and ankle boots. These shoes are made from natural materials and genuine leather. All shoes are light enough and have a flexible sole.


Mommy reviews:

Anastasia: “Only orthopedic shoes are suitable for my son. This is the best price-quality ratio. We will definitely buy more. “

Maria: “Very good shoes. We took it at a discount. Bright. Suitable for autumn, if you do not stand in puddles. It is important for us that the leg is tightly fixed. “

  • Kuoma. As demi-season shoes, you can choose ankle boots or boots. Shoes are great for cold fall or early spring. All models have anatomical structure and fix the leg well. Despite the fact that they look “bulky” – they are very light.


Parents’ comments:

Svetlana: “We wear snowboards when it’s wet and cool enough. Do not get wet. We wear it for the second season, look like new. It’s very easy to look after them. “

Natalia: “A huge plus of the model is that the legs of the semi-overalls are well fixed to the bootleg due to the successful joint of the rubber and textile parts of the boot (there is a free edge at the galosk front and back and the trouser leg itself fits between the rubber and the textile bootleg and is securely fixed there). The boots look bulky and at first it seemed that they would be great, but they turned out to be just right. The child (3 years old) really liked the appearance of the shoes, the opportunity to put on and take off his shoes on his own, and the opportunity to step into puddles. “

  • Reima Very good and comfortable demi-season boots and low shoes. Easy to put on and securely fixed. Do not get wet. On the plus side, many boot models can be machine washed. Enough for several seasons.


Mommy reviews:

Anna: “The velcro is very strong. Light enough boots. There are reflective elements, the sole has a recess and provides the ability to wear pants and jumpsuit with strips. In Reim’s shoes on the insole, a smiley smile indicates to what mark the foot should be for those who take shoes with a margin of growth. “

Nina: “Shoes don’t get wet. Very easy to clean. Children do not want to take off these boots when they wear them, they wear them with pleasure. I think it’s a good indicator of convenience. “

  • Viking.The shoes of this company have good thermal insulation, which is perfect for frosty autumn or early spring. The designs of demi-season boots and boots are very simple, but children will be comfortable wearing them on long walks.


Parents’ comments:

Marina: “Excellent low shoes! Feet are always warm. The boots have a sporty design. A huge plus is that they are lightweight and easy to clean. “

Faith: “Usually we take boots from this company for the winter, but this time we took them for the off-season. Satisfied. The choice of models is small, but they sit well and hold the leg well. Definitely worth their money! “

And also as an addition to demi-season shoes are ideal rubber boots. They are presented by almost every manufacturer in various designs and have insulation inserts.

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