7 creative Christmas trees for the New Year

More and more often today we are giving up living forest beauties in favor of artificial Christmas trees. There are many reasons – needles that have to be painfully cleaned from each carpet, the rather high cost of a living Christmas tree and, most importantly, the depressing post-New Year’s dump of festive symbols in the nearest garbage dump.

That is why alternative options are becoming more and more relevant – the acquisition of artificial beauties or the creation of your own original Christmas trees from scrap materials.

Alternative Christmas tree with your own hands

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What are the most popular alternative trees today?

Creative Christmas tree made of sweets and wallpaper for the New Year

You will need: wallpaper, stapler (glue, paper clips, scotch tape), tinsel (preferably green), candy.

  • We make a large cone of thick wallpaper (20-50 cm – optional). We fix its edge with a stapler, glue or tape.
  • Cut off the excess at the base of the cone and bend it for stability (you can glue it on a solid base).
  • With tape or paper clips, attach the candies in a spiral around the cone. It is better to choose candies of a small size and with bright wrappers.
  • We also spiral the green tinsel onto the cone, leaving the candies outside.
  • We fix the edges of the tinsel with paper clips or tape.
  • We wind a light electric garland in a spiral (you can do without it).
  • We decorate the Christmas tree crown with an improvised star, the Christmas tree itself – with a thin thread of Christmas tree beads.
    An alternative Christmas tree for the New Year with your own hands from sweets and wallpaper

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Do-it-yourself graceful Christmas tree made of beads for the New Year

You will need: wire, beads.

  • Depending on the size of the tree, we create future branches with 3-5 branches.
  • Beads are strung on the wire for the main branch.
  • Next, ready-made “branches” are attached to the main branch.
  • After making all the branches, a trunk is created from a thick wire.
  • The attachment of branches to the trunk begins from the top and further downwards – from small to the lowest, the largest.
    An alternative Christmas tree for the New Year with your own hands from beads

Christmas tree made of cones for the New Year

You will need: cones (any), thermal gun, cardboard, salt, jewelry, gold paint, tinsel.

  • We make a cone out of ordinary cardboard.
  • Using a heat gun, glue the cone with cones.
  • We paint the visible part of the cones (carefully) using a spray can, a brush or a sponge.
  • In the intervals between the cones, carefully glue the tinsel with a heat gun.
  • Create a snow effect by sprinkling salt on the tree.
  • We decorate as desired.
    Alternative Christmas tree made of cones

Christmas tree made of wool for the New Year

You will need: thick threads or yarn (green, gold or other optional), Whatman paper (wallpaper), PVA glue (high-quality), scotch tape, jewelry.

  • We twist a cone made of Whatman paper or wallpaper, fix it with tape.
  • We coat the entire cone with PVA.
  • Having fastened the thread at the base of the cone, carefully wrap it with the thread from the bottom up so that there are no gaps. After we have reached the top of the head, we go back down to the base using the same method.
  • After the Christmas tree dries out, we decorate it from below with a wide gift ribbon (preferably textile), using a stapler.
  • We decorate the tree with tiny stars, beads, bells, etc.
  • Gently pull the electric garland in a spiral.

Alternative Christmas tree made of woolen threads
If you better glue the first layer of threads and pull out the paper base after drying, then the light from the garland will fall more bizarrely due to the interlacing of the threads.

Christmas tree made of flower mesh – crafts with a child

You will need: floristic mesh (2-3 shades of the same color), a ready-made cone from wallpaper or Whatman paper, scotch tape (pins, glue).

  • Create a cone from the wallpaper and secure the edges.
  • Cut the flower net into small pieces.
  • Fix the mesh sections on the cone with pins or adhesive tape, having previously coated the cone with PVA.
  • Place the mesh in different directions, alternating colors.
  • Before pinning the next layer, do not forget to dry the previous one.
  • After it is completely dry, the paper base can be gently pulled out.
  • We fix an electric garland inside the tree.
  • Decorate with beads threads, miniature toys.
    Alternative Christmas tree made of floral mesh

Delicious Christmas tree idea for the New Year

You will need: sweets.
To create a sweet Christmas tree, no special talents or additional accessories are required. Any sweets will do. The Christmas tree can be folded from chocolates and gingerbread, from sweets, fruits, etc., as well as from specially prepared cookies, folding it from the largest to the smallest, like a children’s pyramid. Don’t forget: there is a star on top of the head, a garland around the Christmas tree.
Alternative Christmas tree made of sweets

DIY miniature Christmas trees from textiles – 6 easy steps

You will need: fabrics of different colors and textures, decorations, ribbons, buttons.

  • Cut out two elongated triangles from the fabric.
  • We fill the future Christmas tree with a small amount of padding polyester (cotton wool).
  • We sew on a typewriter (or manually) without bending the edges.
  • The edges of the herringbone can be trimmed with zigzag scissors if desired.
  • We decorate with sequins, colorful bows.
  • We sew loops on top to hang on the walls and a real Christmas tree, or set them on decorative wooden stands (skewer and base).
    Alternative Christmas tree made of textiles

You can also create your own alternative Christmas tree directly on the wallpaper, by placing any small items in the shape of a Christmas tree (on carnations).
Alternative Christmas tree - panels on the wall
Or cut out of colored paper “Palms” in huge quantities and creating a voluminous herringbone from them on the wall.
Alternative tree made of palms
If desired, a Christmas tree can be made, molded, knitted from anything, adding originality to the interior, and a New Year’s atmosphere to the house.
Alternative Christmas tree with your own hands

Turn on your imagination and experiment with your children!

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