14 weeks pregnant, what happens to the baby and mother at the fourteenth week

Child’s age – 12th week (eleven full), pregnancy – 14th obstetric week (thirteen full).

You get closer to meeting your baby. Your well-being improves, and with it your self-confidence. While your child is growing rapidly, you can lead a more measured lifestyle. At 14 weeks you will not yet feel the first movements of the baby, but very soon (at 16 weeks) you will move to a new level of communication with your baby.

What does 14 weeks mean?
This means you are in obstetric week 14. This – 12 weeks from conception and 10 weeks from the start of the delay.

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Feelings in the mother in the 14th week of pregnancy

  • The nausea goes away and appetite returns;
  • You can more easily perceive smells and tastes that previously annoyed you;
  • A vertical dark stripe appears on the abdomen, which will disappear only after childbirth;
  • Now the blood circulation has increased and thus puts a lot of stress on the heart and lungs. Shortness of breath and discomfort in the region of the heart may appear
  • The chest and abdomen are rounded and enlarged;
  • Due to the fact that the uterus is enlarged, discomfort in the lower abdomen may appear. But that will go away in a couple of weeks;
  • The uterus becomes the size of a grapefruitand you can feel it.

Forums: What women write about their well-being


Finally I felt like a man. For a whole month I could not help but eat and drink! And now I’m eating off during this period! I feel great.


I was very surprised to hear that I was pregnant. I am 35 years old and this is my second pregnancy. I found out only a week ago and when I heard the deadline, I was horrified. How could I not have noticed? My son is already 8 years old, I even had menstruation, though not the same as usual … I’m in shock. It’s good that I don’t smoke or drink. True, she took analgin several times, but the doctor says that all this is nonsense. Now I’m flying for an ultrasound scan.


And only this week I told my husband that I was pregnant. We had a miscarriage before, and I didn’t want to tell him. Now, they say that everything is normal for me, I decided to make me happy. And he even cried with joy.


Second pregnancy, nothing happens. Somehow everything is smooth and natural. No special feelings, everything is as always.


And I got married at this time. Of course, everyone was sure that I was pregnant. But when I went out in a tight dress, and I only had bones sticking out, everyone began to doubt. I drank apple juice, which was in a bottle of champagne, my husband for the company. I’ll give birth in a week, and my tummy is like after a hearty dinner. They say that this is normal for my height, 186 cm.

Fetal development at week 14

At the 14th week, the baby occupies the entire uterine cavity and rises higher. The tummy is a slide. The nausea this week should finally go away.

The length (height) of your baby from the crown to the sacrum is 12-14 cm, and the weight is about 30-50 g.

  • The placenta is already formed, now your baby and the placenta are one;
  • Thyroid and pancreas hormones begin to be produced. A the liver secretes bile;
  • A pattern is formed on the pads of the fingers – fingerprint;
  • This week will be formed rudiments of milk teeth;
  • Facial features become round. Cheeks, forehead and nose protrude slightly forward;
  • Right now hairs appear on the skin and head, as well as sweat glands;
  • The skin of the fetus is very delicate, transparent and “wrinkled” as it forms folds. All blood vessels are visible through it, and therefore it appears bright red;
  • He learning to go to the toiletsince the kidneys and ureters begin to work. His urine enters the amniotic fluid;
  • The bone marrow begins to produce blood cells;
  • A boy gets a prostate, girls get ovaries descend from the abdominal cavity into the hip region;
  • Now the baby is already grimacing, sucking a finger, yawning and can straighten his neck;
  • Baby begins to see and hear… If your belly is illuminated by a bright lamp or you are listening to loud music, then it begins to move more actively.

Photo of the fetus, ultrasound, photo of the woman’s abdomen and video

Ultrasound at a gestational age of 14 weeks
Ultrasound for a period of 14 weeks

This is what the belly of a woman looks like in the 14th week.

This is what the fetus looks like at the 14th week of pregnancy.
This is what the fetus looks like at the 14th week.

Video 14 week of pregnancy.

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • Be sure to talk about your pregnancy at work;
  • Exercise regularly for pregnant women;
  • If desired and possible, sign up for courses for expectant mothers, ideally you need to attend them with the future father;
  • It’s time to get a good, breast-supportive, bra;
  • Now that toxicosis has receded, it’s time to diversify your diet;
  • In the prevention of constipation, you must drink enough water and eat foods rich in fiber;
  • Take a special vitamin complex for expectant mothers;
  • Give up bad habits (if you have not done so before);
  • Eat rationally and keep track of your weight;
  • During this period, you especially need iron.include iron-rich foods in your diet;
  • Also, do not neglect fermented milk products, products with live lacto and bifidocultures are especially useful;
  • In the antenatal clinic, you may be offered to undergo an ultrasound scan. Do not worry, the baby is fine, usually pathologies appear in the first weeks and lead to a miscarriage. In your case, the probability is negligible;
  • Read more bookswho carry a positive charge and hang out with nice people. it is especially interesting and useful to read books for future parents during this period. It is very important for your baby to feel that the world he will soon enter is in a benevolent mood towards him;
  • Avoid stress, do not get irritated, get rid of fears. From what signals the child received during pregnancy even depends on whether he will subsequently be an optimist or pessimist, soft or aggressive. Scientists have also found an inverse relationship: the baby’s mood is also transmitted to the mother, it is this that explains the increased sensitivity of pregnant women, strange desires, quirks and fantasies that arise in them;
  • The bus ride is perfectly acceptable for a mom-to-be if you sit, not stand. However, try not to use public transport during peak hours;
  • On the one hand, driving your own car is more pleasant than using the stuffy city transport. On the other hand, in a crowd, a pregnant woman can be noticed and missed, but on the road she is unlikely to be treated with condescension. Before driving, adjust the back and seat of the chair so that you sit straight without rounding your back, and place a pillow under your lower back. Spread your knees slightly to the sides. They should be just above the pelvis. While wearing your seat belt, belay your belly from above and below… While driving, keep your shoulders down and relaxed;
  • In the car, do not open the windows so that you do not have to breathe foul air. Use an air conditioner, but direct the air flow away from you.

Helpful hints and tips for a dad-to-be

  • Future dads often have difficulty in asking how much they should take part in expecting a baby. Avoid Extremes… If the husband does not “notice” the pregnancy, does not express interest, almost does not ask questions about health and visiting a doctor, then this offends his wife very much;
  • And there are husbands who seek to control every step. Often, such “attention” from a man is too intrusive and can also be unpleasant for the expectant mother;
  • Therefore, it is worth adhering to the “golden mean”. It is not necessary to go to the doctor together every time, but you should always ask how the visit went. It is important for a woman that it is the man who has shown interest in this;
  • Read books and magazines together about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.

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