7 Home Security Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays find everyone in a festive mood. This could lead to a slackening of security measures as people become more relaxed at home. However, this is the time of year when criminals step up their activities. We help you steer clear of security issues with these tips.

Package Delivery

Keep an eye on when your parcels are scheduled to be delivered and endeavor to have someone at home to receive them. Thieves are walking around looking for the best places to break into. If they see delivery boxes standing outside, they can quickly grab them and run off. It could also let them know you are not home and are thus an easier target. If you are still working, have the parcels delivered to your office.


Christmas lights provide a holiday vibe to the home. However, you will want to be careful that they do not illuminate the interior of your home to people walking past. If you have a lot of brand-new presents visible on the street, it is a temptation for thieves to break in while you are out shopping.

Emergency Numbers

Make sure that you have all emergency numbers (police, fire department, and ambulance) readily available and by the phone and/or stored on your mobile with speed dial. Teach younger children when and how to use the phone for emergencies.

Self Defense

Determine what methods of self-defense you will use if you or a family member is threatened with harm. Pepper spray can be useful. If you have a gun or rifle, make sure it is out of reach of your children but accessible should you need it. Ammunition is sometimes difficult to find in stock as other gun owners empty the shops for their own needs. It pays to buy bullets in bulk.

Smart Devices

You need to follow proper protocols with smart devices. Use two-factor authentication for mobiles, laptops, and tablets. Limit access to your smart devices. Children have been known to go online and order items and you will be unaware of this so are not able to follow security guidelines around these packages. Update your passwords monthly, as home hackers are always looking for easy targets.


When you have visitors staying over during the holidays you should explain your security measures and ask them to stick to them. A third of criminals who break into a house use the front door. It is easy to become lax about this with everyone in high spirits, but you could have someone entering your property unheard above the sounds of merriment and making off with a laptop or the television set.

If you have small children, leaving a door leading to the outside unlocked may be irresistible for them. They may go outside without anyone realizing it and wander off. Worse, they could become prey to a human predator looking for an opportunity to snatch a kid.

Alarm System

It is always wise to have an alarm system with cameras at any time of the year, but the holidays make it even more necessary. Over four-fifths of criminals look to see if you have an alarm system before breaking in. If you do, chances are that they will look for an easier target. Wipe down the keypad frequently to remove signs of the numbers that have been pressed. Check if the numbers are faded from being pressed and replace the keypad or devise a new password.

These tips are mostly common sense. The danger is that when people are super relaxed and having fun, they tend to brush concerns aside that they would normally pay attention to. Remind your family to exercise due caution and apply these tips for a safe and secure holiday.

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