8 Things You Should Know About the New Toyota Camry

According to recent tests, the Toyota Camry is rated as one of the top vehicles for crashworthiness and crash avoidance.

Safety features and the small design keeps drivers safe on the road and they don’t have to worry about mileage.

If you’re considering getting a new vehicle, there are a few reasons you should look into the 2023 Camry.

Read further if you want to learn about the best Toyota Camry specs that will convince you to buy one!

1. Plenty of Safety Features

One of the biggest reasons people buy Toyota Camrys is that they are so safe.

Each Camry comes equipped with a radar cruise control, pre-collision and pedestrian sensor, and high beams. You’ll also have lane departure alerts, assisted steering, and lane tracing. These features will alert drivers, no matter how experienced they are on the road, and prevent accidents.

If you’re searching for a vehicle for your children, this is often a recommended choice.

2. There Are Hybrid Models

If you’re looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle, the 2023 Toyota Camry is a great option.

The Toyota Camry has a cheaper hybrid LE trim. Since many fuel-efficient vehicles are more expensive, this is an affordable solution that still helps the planet. The XSE Camry hybrid is an upgraded version with a longer destination charge and other eco-friendly features.

When you invest in a hybrid vehicle, you can benefit from improved gas mileage and all the standard features.

3. Engines May Vary

Depending on whether you invest in hybrid or standard models, you have a couple of engine options.

The standard 2023 Camry has a 1.8 L 4-cylinder engine, but you can also get Camrys with a V6 engine. The hybrid Camry offers a 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine that works alongside an electric motor. Even if you get the hybrid option, you will still have access to more than 200 horsepower.

This is a great vehicle for driving in the city and expressways since it can quickly gain speed and maintain a smooth ride.

If you need help selling a car to afford your Camry, review more information on this site and online. Selling an older car can help you recoup funds and put money toward the initial fees and a stronger engine.

4. They Are Spacious

Toyota Camrys are midsize sedans, which offer a bit more space than compact and sports vehicles.

Although you won’t have the height and width of an SUV, you won’t feel crammed in these cars. Having a spacious vehicle is more important when it’s smaller since it can become a safety hazard. The Camry is excellent because you can fit several people inside, along with luggage and groceries.

5. There’s a Nightshade Package

If you want a sleek vehicle that looks sporty and luxurious, you can ask your dealership about the Nightshade package.

The Nightshade package for the Camry includes bronze wheels and a sportier TRD trim appearance. The black and bronze will stand out on the street and make people curious about the interior. If you have the budget, the Nightshade package is worth it, especially considering its sleek and clean interior.

Special edition Nightshade Camrys may also come with a red interior and advanced technology. The 2023 edition will now have a black headlight and taillight trim. Both of these lights will match the front grille, back spoiler, badges, and mirror caps.

The matte bronze wheels are another addition to the Nightshade this year, and you can’t overlook them when they are 19 inches around! Although most people think the Nightshade package only comes in a black exterior, you can get it in blue and white as well.

6. You’ll Have More Eyes on the Road

Distractions, weather, and exhaustion can put you and everyone around you at risk.

When you get a Toyota Camry, you gain more eyes on the road since you’ll get a forward and rear-facing camera. You can see everything around your vehicle, even your child’s favorite toys. These cameras can alert you when you’re getting too close to objects and some editions may apply automatic brakes.

Not only can these cameras detect items and people, but they can also read certain signs on the road. Once detected, your Camry’s digital screen will display the signs.

7. The Camry Is Affordable

No matter your budget, you can likely find an edition of the Toyota Camry that’s affordable.

The most basic model costs around $27,000 but if you spend a couple more hundred dollars, you can get some upgrades. Out of 4 different hybrid models, the most expensive costs around $34,000, which is standard for midsize sedans.

With less than an $8,000 difference between the highest and lowest prices, you don’t have to make many sacrifices.

8. There Are Remote Connect Features

If you want to automatically start your vehicle, you can now do it with your phone.

The Toyota application gives drivers the ability to start, lock, and locate vehicles from phones, watches, and other devices. Although auto-start features have been around for a while, you don’t have to have your keys in your hands with the latest updates.

Tech enthusiasts are investing in the Toyota Camry since it’s user-friendly and compatible with devices.

Drive Away With a Toyota Camry

If you want to invest in a luxurious and versatile vehicle, the 2023 Toyota Camry is a great choice.

Whether you want safety features, innovative tech, or luxurious designs, you can find them in this vehicle. The Toyota Camry comes in a few editions, and each has a unique and powerful engine. You don’t have to make any sacrifices with the Camry since it can fit families and get across the country with excellent mileage.

Don’t wait to test-drive a Toyota Camry to ensure that it’s right for you.

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