Why Hotels Should Provide Valet Parking

A fantastic method to give hotel visitors more convenience and security is to offer valet parking. It also allows guests to enjoy a luxury they wouldn’t be able to get from other hotels. As a result, hotels that offer valet parking can generate significant profit and revenue while improving customer satisfaction. Below, we will explore why hotels should offer valet parking.


Valet parking is a great way to give customers a positive first impression of your hotel. It also eliminates their need to search for a parking spot or deal with crowded, inconvenient lots. Additionally, having their car taken care of and quickly brought to them upon request can allow guests to check in more efficiently, which may help increase customer satisfaction ratings. Many hotels have valet parking for a fee, which can be a great additional revenue source. If priced correctly, it can also encourage more guests to stay at the hotel, leading to higher occupancy rates and overall profits. Valet parking may increase income while also giving visitors to your hotel a feeling of elegance and refinement. Depending on your location and clientele, it can attract a more upper-class crowd that values convenience and service. Plus, having all cars parked in one area allows for faster snow removal and makes it easier to find a guest’s car when ready to leave.


When customers arrive at hotels that offer valet parking services for events, it gives them the luxury of knowing someone else will park their car and pick it up when they’re ready to leave. In some cases, it’s even a complimentary service! As a result, it’s customary to tip the parking attendant for this convenience and customer service. Whether your hotel is a high-end luxury establishment or a budget property, providing guests with a positive experience can lead to repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and increased revenue. Adding valet parking to your hotel can give your customers a higher-level experience that will set you apart from the competition and impress your guests. To increase the profitability of your hotel’s valet parking services, offer reasonable incremental pricing. Ideally, the price should be $5 or less above hourly self-parking options and overnight valet rates. You must also ensure enough on-property parking capacity to handle the demand for valet parking during peak periods, especially at a resort or beachfront hotel.


From a guest’s perspective, valet parking offers convenience that can upgrade their stay. On the hotel side, it can also increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Security is a top concern when guests turn over their vehicles to hotel staff. However, hotels can take several steps to ensure that guests’ vehicles are well protected. Invest in proper surveillance and lighting for your parking areas. Evaluate sightlines to hotel entrances to ensure no trees or bushes are blocking visibility. Implementing new technology, such as hand-held devices or software suites that automate the valet parking process, can help to streamline and improve security. These systems can record vehicle and driver information as they are picked up, creating a time-stamped record that can be wirelessly sent to the front desk for billing purposes. It increases the level of protection for your visitors, particularly during busy periods or when significant events are nearby.

Increased Revenue

Whether at hotels, restaurants, or medical centers, valet parking helps businesses provide an elevated customer experience. Guests and patrons will feel more at ease knowing their car is under the watchful eye of someone who can report suspicious activity to staff or local authorities. Valet services can also increase revenue by creating a more convenient way for people to park at a hotel or other business. If they want to avoid locating a location themselves, it can make them want to visit the restaurant or hotel more.

Additionally, a hotel can generate additional revenue through fee-based parking by offering package deals that include parking with other hotel services or amenities. It can benefit hotels in urban areas, airport destinations, or those with limited parking inventory. Implementing strategies and effective valet revenue control can help maximize revenue and improve overall hotel profitability.

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