8 week of pregnancy – fetal development and woman’s sensations, photo of belly and fetus

Child’s age – 6th week (five full), pregnancy – 8th obstetric week (seven full).

And then the eighth (obstetric) week began. This period corresponds to the 4th week of delayed menstruation or the 6th week from conception.

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Signs of pregnancy at 8 weeks

The eighth week is not much different for you from the seventh, but it is special for your baby.

  • Lack – or, conversely, increased appetite;
  • Change in taste preferences;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Pelvic neuralgia;
  • General weakness, drowsiness and decreased tone of the body;
  • Restless sleep;
  • Changes in mood;
  • Decreased immunity.

What happens in the mother’s body in the eighth week?

  • Your the uterus is actively growing, and now it is the size of an apple… You may experience slight contractions, like before your period. Now an important organ for you and your baby is growing in your body – the placenta. With its help, the baby will receive all the necessary nutrients, water, hormones, and oxygen.
  • A hormonal storm occurs in your body, it is necessary in order to prepare your body for the further development of the fetus. Estrogen, prolactin, and progesterone dilate your arteriesto deliver more blood to the baby. They are also responsible for milk production, relax the pelvic ligaments, thereby allowing your tummy to grow.
  • Very often during this period, women feel a feeling of nausea, salivation increases, there is no appetite, and aggravated gastric ailments… you can feel all the signs of early toxicosis.
  • Your breasts have increased, tightened, and felt heavy this week. And also the circle around the nipple darkened, the drawing of blood vessels increased. Also, you will notice that there are nodules around the nipples – these are enlarged Montgomery glands above the milk ducts.

What do they write on the forums?


I am lying in storage, tomorrow for an ultrasound scan, I pray that everything will be fine. A week ago, there was bleeding and severe pain, but on the ultrasound, everything was in order. Girls, take care of yourself!


This is my second pregnancy and today is the last day of 8 weeks. The appetite is excellent, but the toxicosis is unbearable, constantly nauseous. And still a lot of saliva accumulates. But I am very happy, because we wanted this baby so much.


We have 8 weeks, nausea in the morning and slightly sip on the lower abdomen, but these are all trifles. My treasure is growing in my tummy, isn’t it worth it?


Today the eighth week has begun. Toxicosis is not, only appetite, too, appears only in the evening. The only thing that worries is the constant desire to sleep. I can’t wait to go on vacation and enjoy my position to the fullest.


Today I was at an ultrasound scan, so I was waiting for this moment. I was worried all the time so that everything would be fine. And so the doctor says that we correspond to 8 weeks. I am the happiest on earth!

What tests need to be passed during this period?

If you have not yet contacted the antenatal clinic, now is the time. At 8 weeks it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and undergo an initial examination for complete control. You will undergo a standard examination in a chair, the doctor will ask you questions, find out how the pregnancy is progressing. In turn, you can ask the doctor about issues of concern to you.

At week 8, the following tests are expected:

  • Blood test (determination of the group and Rh factor, hemoglobin, rubella test, check for anemia, general condition of the body);
  • Urine analysis (determination of sugar level, for the presence of infections, general indicators of the state of the body);
  • Checking the mammary glands (general condition, presence of formations);
  • Blood pressure (presence of hypertension or hypotension);
  • Analysis for TORCH infection, HIV, syphilis;
  • Smear analysis (on the basis of which later dates can be called);
  • Measurement of indicators (weight, pelvic volume).

Your doctor may refer you for additional testing.

Moreover, you should be asked the following questions:

  • Does your family have hereditary diseases?
  • Have you or your husband ever been seriously ill?
  • Is this your first pregnancy?
  • Have you had any miscarriages?
  • What’s your menstrual cycle?

Your doctor will create a personalized follow-up plan for you.

Fetal development at 8 weeks

This week your child is no longer an embryo, he becomes a fetus, and now he can safely be called a baby. Despite the fact that the internal organs have already formed, they are still in their infancy and have not taken their place.

Your baby is 15-20mm long and weighs almost 3g… The child’s heart beats at a frequency of 150-170 beats per minute.

  • The embryonic period ends. The embryo is now becoming a fetus. All organs have formed, and now they are only growing.
  • The small intestine begins to contract this week.
  • The rudiments of male or female genital organs appear.
  • The body of the fetus is straightened and lengthened.
  • Bones and cartilage begin to form.
  • Muscle tissue develops.
  • And pigment appears in the eyes of the baby.
  • The brain sends impulses to the muscles, and now the baby begins to react to the surrounding events. If he doesn’t like something, he winces and shudders. But you, of course, cannot feel it.
  • And the baby’s facial features begin to appear. Lips, nose, chin are formed.
  • Contraction membranes have already appeared on the fingers and toes of the fetus. And the arms and legs are longer.
  • The inner ear is formed, which is responsible not only for hearing, but also for balance.

Fetus at 8 weeks
Fetus in the 8th week of pregnancy - photo
Video – 8 weeks term:

Recommendations and advice for the expectant mother

  • Now it is very important for you to tune in to the positive wave and remain calm. Go to bed a little earlier and wake up a little later. Sleep is the healer of all ailments. Get enough sleep!
  • If you do not want others to know about your situation, in advance come up with excusesfor example, why don’t you drink alcoholic drinks at a party.
  • It’s about time revisit your fitness routine… Change it so that it doesn’t irritate your already sensitive breasts. Avoid sudden movements, lifting weights, and also running. Gymnastics for pregnant women and yoga are ideal for you.
  • Throughout the first trimester, try avoid alcohol, medications, any toxins
  • Note: taking 200 g of coffee per day doubles the likelihood of miscarriage. Therefore it is worth refrain from coffee
  • Don’t be lazy to wash hands during the day. This is the easiest way to protect yourself from viruses and infections.

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