Makeup with dark lipstick – how not to look vulgar or tasteless?

Eye makeup with dark lipstickAs a rule, it is much easier to place emphasis on the lips than on the eyes. For this, they resort to unusual shades of lip products. Dark shades of lipstick are designed for brave girls who are not afraid to experiment.

However, for the experiment to be successful, you need to know what makeup is combined with dark lipstick.

Criteria for choosing a dark lipstick

Of course, it is necessary, first of all, to know which product is best to use for make-up.

A few tips will help you in choosing a product:

  1. Rely on your color type… If cold shades dominate in your appearance, and in terms of color type you are more likely “winter” or “summer”, then give preference to wine and purple colors. If you are “autumn” or “spring” then your best friends are terracotta and warm browns.
  2. Avoid wet asphalt lipsticks… One of those shades that don’t suit anyone, yet it gives the lips a lifeless and sad look.
  3. Lipstick must be long-lasting… Before going out, test the lipstick for several hours: see if it goes beyond the contour, how it reacts to food intake, etc., to be prepared for the most unexpected situations. After all, dark lipstick smeared over the face is more difficult to wash off than the same product in classic shades. Therefore, it is better to avoid this.

Arrows under dark lipstick

Graceful arrows accentuate the eyes.

Important: they should be neat, by no means long or wide. It is the small arrows that will be most naturally combined with bright and dark lipstick.

Makeup with dark lipstick

  1. Apply foundation all over your face. Try to cover all pigmentation and skin imperfections. Powder your face, highlight your cheekbones and apply blush.
  2. Using a flat brush, apply a natural beige shade to the lids using a patting motion. Blend the edges of the eyeshadow with a round brush, and highlight the crease of the eyelid with a round brush with gray-brown matte eyeshadow. Work on the lower eyelid with the same shade. Put some dark brown color in the corner of the eye with a round brush. Feather the borders of the resulting speck.
  3. Draw a small arrow. Draw a short line from the outer corner of the eye to continue the outline of the lower eyelid. After that, connect the tip of the arrow to the middle of the upper eyelid, paint over the resulting area. Draw part of the line in the first half of the upper eyelid, but not directly reaching the inner corner of the eye. The arrow should be neat, of medium thickness and length. Paint over your lashes with mascara.
  4. Line your lips with a natural lip liner or dark lipstick to match. Shade them lightly. Paint your lips with a dark purple, wine, or brown lipstick.

Spectacular makeup, which is suitable both for everyday life and for a ceremonial exit, is ready.

Light smokey ice under dark lipstick

Smoky eye makeup, made with shadows of natural and discreet shades, will also not distract attention from bright lips and will allow you to evenly place accents.

Choose a shade of color that blends easily into the skin. It can be different shades of brown, golden, bronze.

Light smokey ice under dark lipstick

  • Apply foundation all over your face. For more effect, add one drop of liquid highlighter or luminizer to it. Apply concealer to the eye area and then powder your face with HD Loose powder using a large fluffy brush. Highlight the cheekbones, apply blush and highlighter to the prominent parts of the face. The main thing with the latest product is not to overdo it. Apply with a fan-shaped brush, not with your fingers.
  • Use cream eyeshadow, they are much more comfortable. Makeup will turn out faster with them. Apply eyeshadow to the upper lid and blend the blend into the skin with a round brush. Add more shadows if necessary and blend again. Don’t forget to work out the lower eyelid and connect it to the upper one at the outer corner of the eye. On top, you can apply a small amount of dry eyeshadow of the same or similar shade. To do this, use a flat brush. Using a round brush, apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the eye, then paint over the lashes with mascara.
  • The final touch is the application of dark lipstick. Color the lips in the same way as described in the description of the previous makeup with arrows. First, the contour, and only then the coating with the product itself.

These two types of make-up work best with dark lipstick. In no case should you combine them with each other, otherwise the makeup will look vulgar.

but at the same time, it is not recommended to leave your eyes not painted at all: in this situation, bright lips will look like a catchy spot on the face. The required minimum is a colored space between the eyelashes and mascara.

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