9 patron planets by date of birth – numerologist’s calculations

I want to introduce you to Vedic Numerology, the calculations of which are based on a person’s birthday, where a certain day corresponds to its own patron planet (from 1 to 9).

The sun

The sun
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People born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month.

This is the main male planet.

Sun people:

  • strong personalities;
  • demand attention, respect;
  • make friends easily and break friendships with difficulty;
  • love to live like a king, to command;
  • reach heights in their profession;
  • straightforward;
  • love novelty;
  • they do not like critics, although they themselves are very fond of criticizing;
  • taste good;
  • do not tolerate interference with work;
  • in work they are honest, productive, know how to make the right decisions;
  • like to spend money, give gifts;
  • love to travel;
  • are often monogamous.

The most active and productive period of life for them is 30-45 years.

Friends – Moon, Mars, Jupiter.

Enemies – Saturn, Venus, Rahu Ketu.

Neutral – Mercury.

Celebrities born under the auspices of the Sun planet: Marilyn Monroe, Larisa Dolina, Aziza, Valery Leontyev, Lera Kudryavtseva, Georgy Deliev, Kylie Minogue, Sergey Astakhov, Nadezhda Granovskaya, Wolf Messing.

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9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations
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People born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month.

The moon is a channel through which energy enters the planet Earth and acts on our soul. She is also called the Lord of medicinal plants.

The moon acts on the subconscious, gives the ability to feel. She brings fame and prosperity to her owners.

People of the Moon are easily amenable to mood swings.

They often have:

  • skin problem;
  • curly hair;
  • pallor on the face;
  • round faces.

They are very:

  • peaceful;
  • sensual;
  • romantic;
  • artistic;
  • inventive;
  • beautiful;
  • sociable;
  • always ready to help;
  • they are very fond of perfumes;
  • love travel.

It is very important for them to have a partner by their side, both in their personal life and in business.

Family oriented:

  • faithful;
  • devotees;
  • patient;
  • caring;
  • with a good heart.

Women are very susceptible to emotional fluctuations and the cycles of the moon (either inspiration or depression).

Relationships with people from other planets:

Friends – Sun, Mars, Jupiter.

Enemies – Ketu, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu.

Celebrities born under the auspices of the Moon: Andrey Danilko (Verka Serduchka), Lada Dance, Nikolay Drozdov, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Laurie, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Soso Pavliashvili, Joseph Kobzon, Demi Moore, Konstantin Meladze, Andrey Malakhov, Valentin Gaft.


9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations
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People born on the 3rd, 21st, 12th, 30th of any month.

This planet emits a lot of energy, even more than the sun. This is a teacher of correctness, justice, helps everything he touches.

The planet of courage, power, labor.

Representatives of the planet Jupiter:

  • brave;
  • dynamic;
  • self-confident;
  • proactive;
  • ambitious;
  • constantly thinking about the future;
  • do not tolerate submission;
  • love success and recognition;
  • study a lot, always busy with something;
  • they do not know how to rest and relax and instead of rest they can switch from one job to another;
  • purposeful and clean;
  • for the family they can be tyrants;
  • they have good friends, health.

Loyal to their spouses, even if sometimes mistreated. They are often lucky in love. Always surrounded by the opposite sex.

They help everyone. Very good conversationalists and can unite. They love success and attention. Good sense of humour.

In the negative:

  • weakness for intimacy;
  • excessive ambition;
  • wastefulness;
  • irascibility;
  • can unsuccessfully joke and make enemies (the case of Kirkorov and a journalist in a pink blouse).

Small addition:

  • 3 numbers – work the most, but still succeed;
  • 12th – they are very charismatic, more fortunate and receive more help from everyone;
  • 21st – less fortunate in life;
  • On the 30th – they have to fight a lot, but they have a strong spirit, fate leads them to great growth in their careers.

Relationship with representatives of other planets:

Friends – Sun, Moon, Mars.

Enemies – Rahu, Mercury.

Star representatives of this planet: Lyudmila Gurchenko, Valentina Tolkunova, Irina Rodnina, Philip Kirkorov, Blavatskaya, Alexander Lazarev (senior), Michael Schumacher, Mel Gibson, Prince William, Valery Zolotukhin.



This is the Moon’s North Node.

People born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st of any month.

They constantly experience ups and downs, therefore they are distrustful, doubt everything and need the recommendations of others all their lives.

May be:

  • lazy;
  • aggressive;
  • with fog in the head;
  • often with bad Karma.

Rahu people:

  • romantic;
  • gentle;
  • diligent;
  • prudent;
  • tactful;
  • restrained;
  • have a peculiar view of the world;
  • they often have a revolutionary spirit;
  • very secretive;
  • selfish;
  • gentle and soft with the opposite sex;
  • reliable friends;
  • are often changeable.

Men are often insatiable in love. A woman is attached to her husband, but does not like dictatorship.

Most often, in the second half of life, they achieve success and fame. These are people who are either from above or from below. The middle position is not suitable.

Friends – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus.

Enemies – Rahu, Saturn, Mars.

Celebrities born under the auspices of Rahu: Roald Dahl, Dana Borisova, Orlando Bloom, Masha Rasputina, Fidel Castro, Lyudmila Senchina, Megan Markle.


9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations
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People born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd of any month.

This is a planet of mixed temperament.

Mercury is the God of creativity, businessmen, artists and singers, and good orators.

People of the planet Mercury combine youthfulness with mature judgments. They easily make friends with any representative of the planets.

This is the planet of the extreme.


  • very witty;
  • love adventure;
  • know how to manipulate people;
  • good orators, metaphysicians;
  • materialists;
  • love everything new;
  • good leaders;
  • love entertainment, change, thrill;
  • believe in their destiny;
  • can get rich by gambling;
  • they always have a stash or several sources of income;
  • reliable business partners;
  • smart;
  • love everything beautiful;
  • they have a neutral attitude towards religion, without fanaticism;
  • physically strong and often long-livers.

Women are very attractive and early marriage is favorable for them.

Achieve career success. They can find a common language with everyone, from a child to a deep elder.

Friends – Sun, Venus, Rahu, Ketu.

Enemies – Moon.

Additional Information:

  • 5-cam is lucky in love, in old age they live a comfortable life and there are always many people who are ready to help them;
  • the most successful, born 23, who are often helped by relatives, government officials;
  • 14 face difficulties in family life, but are successful in the material world.

Stars born under the auspices of Mercury: Boris Berezovsky, Ksenia Sobchak, Lolita, Freddie Mercury, Bradley Cooper.


9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations
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It includes people born on 6, 15, 24 of any month.

This is the Goddess of Love, passion, creativity.

She controls the minds of other people.

Born under this planet:

  • love to travel;
  • they love their partners, household members very much and try to please them in every possible way;
  • they have a passionate nature;
  • very windy, loving;
  • are polite;
  • are inventive;
  • are fond of various arts;
  • tactful;
  • able to learn the secrets of others;
  • do not like someone to act against their will;
  • do not show what is in their hearts;
  • good family men;
  • love companies;
  • do not like loneliness, they always have a lot of friends;
  • do not like dirt, garbage, ugliness (the workplace is always kept clean).

Only after 40-45 years do they receive all the benefits (house, apartment, car, cottage, etc.).

Friends – Jupiter.

Enemies – Sun moon.

Star representatives: Alla Pugacheva, Jennifer Lopez, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, Roberto Cavalli, Nikolay Baskov, Evgenia Loza, Mikhail Zhvanetsky.


9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations

This is the South Node of the Moon.

People born on the 7th, 16th, 25th of any month.

Not a very favorable planet.

Even in their youth, they enter into friendly relations that are useful for them. They are not interested in the material.

Ketu pushes people to rash acts, obsession.

Representatives of Ketu:

  • always worried about the future;
  • anxious;
  • sensitive;
  • emotional;
  • very talkative;
  • like to exaggerate everything;
  • do not care about their appearance;
  • live in their fantasies;
  • do not tolerate injustice;
  • have a good heart;
  • sociable;
  • sentimental.

Their main advantage is that they do not divide people into rich and poor.

The key word about them is multifaceted. They know how to adapt to any environment.

In a word, they are sages.

Celebrities: Joe Dassin, Glucose, Sofia Rotaru, David Duchovny.


9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations
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People born on the 8th, 17th, 26th of any month.

This is the most unfavorable planet – troubles and sorrows.

Representatives of this planet often feel lonely, they have few real friends.

They are very tough on the outside, but soft and romantic on the inside.

May be:

  • greedy;
  • shy;
  • suffer from psychological disorders, therefore they are often addicted to alcohol and drugs.

They are often not understood, they do not like to ask. They can devote themselves to one partner all their lives, as they are faithful in everything.

They have a strong will and a tough character. Revolutionaries by nature.

Only after 40 years do they begin to develop their mental abilities.

Friends – Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus.

Enemies – Rahu, Saturn, Mars.

Celebrities born under this planet: Alain Delon, Leonid Kuravlev, Andrei Mironov, Zhana Frisky, Kim Basinger.


9 patron planets by date of birth: the qualities they endow us with - numerologist's calculations
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People born on the 9th, 18th, 27th of any month

Mars is the Supreme Commander. Powerful, hot, fiery, aggressive planet.

The people of this planet are very devoted to family and take good care of their parents.

Usually they are successful after 40 years.

What characterizes them:

  • loyalty to duty;
  • decency;
  • courage;
  • selfishness;
  • put their own interests above others;
  • grumpy;
  • restless;
  • can be violent;
  • create problems in their personal life;
  • not confident in yourself;
  • impulsive;
  • really appreciate the time.

Friends – Sun, Moon, Jupiter.

Enemy – Mercury.

Celebrities born under this planet: Bruce Lee, Nikolai Karachentsev, Faina Ranevskaya, Whitney Houston, Keti Topuria, Lara Fabian, Yuri Nikulin, Georgy Vitsin, Nikita Dzhigurda.

These are the representatives of the planets.

Did you recognize yourself and loved ones in this description?

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