A Guide to the Best Lakes to Live On in North Carolina

Between 2018 and 2022, over 4 million people moved to North Carolina. The state boasts amazing natural scenery that attracts people from all over the country. This is especially true when it comes to North Carolina lakes.

Many people living in North Carolina often consider getting a lake house one day, but not everyone understands the best lakes to live on in North Carolina. Let’s explore the key information to keep in mind.

Lake Junaluska

This location is situated near the downtown of Waynesville. It’s approximately 45 minutes from Asheville.

People who move to this area choose to do so to get away from the commotion of larger cities. There’s an amazing view of the mountains and local wildlife.

There are also plenty of walking trails, golf courses, and similar attractions. Another notable landmark at this lake is a popular Methodist conference center.

Lake Tillery

You can find Lake Tillery in the middle of Morrow Mountain State Park. It stretches between the counties of Montgomery and Stanly. Those looking to visit Charlotte can expect to drive for about an hour under normal traffic conditions.

This area also serves as a popular camping spot for people of all ages. Owning a lake home here is sure to come with peace and quiet that’s difficult to find elsewhere.

Nantahala Lake

Out of all the lakes on this list, this is renowned for being one of the most gorgeous. It’s located in Macon County within the western mountains of the state. Due to its location, kayaking and whitewater rafting are popular activities at the nearby Nantahala River.

It’s worth noting that the lake is also a popular destination for fishing and boating. It’s the only lake in the area that is home to freshwater salmon. People who live at this lake often travel to Franklin, a mountain town with gorgeous views.

Jordan Lake

This lake is part of a state park in North Carolina. It’s also fairly close to Raleigh. This lake is so large that it spans the counties of Wake and Chatham.

People find it to be a beautiful getaway that serves as a great location for boating. One of its primary attractions is the fact that it has over a thousand campsites. There are also 14 miles of hiking trails in the area.

In addition, Jordan Lake has a handful of swimming beaches that serve as great opportunities for relaxation or family adventure.

High Rock Lake

High Rock Lake has approximately 365 miles of shoreline. This makes it an ideal location for boating, camping, and fishing. Many people who live at this lake choose to live in cabins.

This provides an authentic lakeside experience that you wouldn’t have from living in a conventional home. Of course, there are plenty of traditional homes available for those moving to the area.

The lake was initially created as a reservoir for hydroelectric power. This doesn’t detract from its natural beauty, though. In fact, many people appreciate the cultural significance of the reservoir.

Lake James

Those who enjoy peaceful locations to swim or fish will love living at Lake James. Named after the tobacco farmer James Buchanan Duke, Lake James also has many hiking trails that sprawl through the nearby mountainsides.

Although this lake doesn’t have much unique to say about it, it’s a beautiful location that is sure to meet the needs of anyone looking for a tranquil living space.

Lake Norman

This is the largest lake in North Carolina. It’s located approximately 15 miles away from the Charlotte Metro area.

There are plenty of special events and outdoor activities to take advantage of. These include art galleries, historic sites, and nightlife.

The rich culture of Lake Norman is what attracts most people to the area. So, it’s a prime location for those who want the Lakeside experience without being too isolated from surrounding cities. Single individuals and younger couples often gravitate to this area to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Lake Waccamaw

Similar to Lake James, there isn’t much out of the ordinary to talk about at Lake Waccamaw. It’s a quiet area located near Wilmington.

There are many opportunities for fishing or crabbing, and viewing local wildlife is another major attraction to consider. Due to its proximity to the city, it’s a great location to purchase a lake house for those who live in a master-planned community in Wilmington. Many people do so to use it as a retreat.

Hyco Lake

This area is built in the 1960s as a cooling reservoir for a steam plant. As time has progressed, it’s become an amazing location for those looking for lake homes.

There are 120 miles of shoreline to enjoy at Hyco Lake. Those looking for a nearby city can travel to Roxboro, North Carolina.

They can also visit Danville, Virginia. Many people who own property at this lake live here year-round instead of seasonally. Let that be a testament to how enjoyable this area is.

Consider the Best Lakes to Live on in North Carolina

Living on a lake can be a beautiful and serene experience. Understanding the best lakes to live on in North Carolina can help you make the ideal decision for you and your family. From here, you’ll be able to make the most of this opportunity and take advantage of what a lakeside environment has to offer.

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