A Guide to the Trendiest Infant Snapback Hats of 2023

Family and friends are excited to see your infant, so excited that they show up any time of day.

If your family is outgoing or you like to host events, you want to put them in their best dress, no matter the occasion. Since infants are so small, it can be hard to find ways to spice up their outfits safely. One of the best accessories to get is baby hats, they are versatile, stylish, and practical. 

Read below to learn about the latest trends for infant snapback hats so you can get the best ones!  

Leather Patch Hats

If you’re looking for a classy hat that’s personalized and unique, leather patch snapbacks are the best.

TikTok and Facebook often market companies selling these hats around the holidays. Not only can you get your infant in a stylish snapback, but you can get a matching for yourself or another family member! Leather patches are perfect features for hats since they add contrast with a different color. 

Aspen and Company, along with Knaughty Log Homes, have joined this trend and sell high-quality hats. 

Sports Themed 

Next time you attend a sporting event, don’t forget to look into the infant accessories section.

Sports venues and athletic stores often sell hats for toddlers and infants with their favorite teams. You can find a variety of sports and team logos on snapback hats to make your child a part of the team. 

Nike, Adidas, and other athletic apparel brands are durable and often water-resistant. The more flexible the hat is, the longer it will last with your infant. As your infant grows, they may grab the hat more often and you don’t want it to get damaged. 

Retro & Bold

Finding ways to spice up infant clothing can be difficult, but retro patterns can make a statement. 

Two-toned hats with bright colors are a great way to incorporate retro styles into their fashion. The 80s and 90s fashion trends have also made a comeback, making it simpler to find retro hats made with innovative materials.

Don’t be afraid to get playful with the patterns and design of the snapback. These retro hats can help you locate your child in the playground if they’re already moving around. 

UV Protection

There’s nothing trendier than keeping your infant protected from harmful UV rays. 

If you’re taking your infant out between 10 am and 4 pm, you must cover their body. This time frame, in summer and spring, is the peak time for UV rays. SPF infant clothing and hats can protect your baby without exposing them to dangerous chemicals. 

Many SPF products, even marketed towards infants, aren’t made with safe products. SPF hats will stop these rays from penetrating the skin and won’t wash away in the water. Make sure you invest in a hat that’s water-resistant so your infant can explore the beach without worry. 

Adjustable Hats 

Snapbacks are perfect for infants and growing toddlers because you can adjust their size. 

Unfortunately, some hats for infants don’t provide enough holes to keep up with their growth. Infant snapbacks aren’t always cheap, so you want to ensure that you invest in one that your child can wear for more than a month. 

If you want adjustable and comfortable hats, BinkyBro is one of the most popular brands. Although you can save money on other options, if it doesn’t properly fit, you’re infant won’t wear it anyway. 

Non-Structured Hats

Snapback hats typically have a durable brim that runs straight across the forehead.

Non-structured hats are the latest snapback style and they increase comfort. The laid-back bill looks good in casual outfits and most of them have mesh panels on the back. Many parents recommend these hats because you won’t have to worry about stashing hats in the diaper bag when they aren’t wearing them. 

Depending on the brand, you can find non-structured hats with a “grandpa rope.” These ropes run along the seam of the brim and hat base. You can add a pop of color with the rope addition or create a custom look for your little one. 


If you’re searching for infant snapbacks with a shallow profile, the five-panel options are best.

Five-panel snapback hats are similar to non-structured versions, however, the cap goes back further. The material panels are sewn together horizontally and the eyelets are on the sides with verticle panels. Your infant will look great in this hat, especially if their head is still soft and forming a proper shape. 

Pastel colors and vintage patterns look great on five-panel hats. Don’t worry about getting this type of snapback customized for you and your little one! 


There’s no written rule that girls can’t wear green and blue hats or that boys can’t wear purple and pink.

Unisex snapback hats are currently trending to inspire kids to find their unique passions. Although your child might still be an infant, they are already creating a personality of their own. A unisex hat doesn’t put them in any boxes and they are more likely to wear a hat they like. 

Colors, patterns, and styles can impact the gender of snapback hats. If you’re not liking how a certain kind is fitting your child, a unisex hat could resolve the issue. 

Add Infant Snapback Hats to the Wardrobe 

A simple outfit can drastically change when you include infant snapback hats. 

When it comes to accessorizing your child, you don’t want to go overboard or put them in danger. Jewelry and headbands can become a hazard, but you’ll never have to worry about snapback hats. Not only are they stylish and trendy, but they can protect your infant when they are vulnerable. 

If you want to learn more about the types of hats and the latest fashion trends, check out our blog! 

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