A Plaine Discovery Of The Whole Revelation Of St John

A Plaine Discovery of the Whole Revelation of Saint John is an attempt to explain the book of Revelation. It was written by the English theologian John Napier and consists of two treatises. The first is concerned with the correct interpretation of the Revelation and the second focuses on applying paraphrasing to the text. This work was published in 1593 in Edinburgh by Robert Walde-grane.

The Plaine Discovery was written by the Scottish mathematician John Napier between 1588 and 1590. It is a theological work that adopts a strongly anti-Catholic attitude, calling for the purging of the court of ‘newtrals’, papists, and atheists. The work was published during the preparations for the Spanish Armada, and the timing was not coincidental as King James VI was writing Ane fruitfull mediitatioun at the same time. His fear was that if the Spanish invaded England, he would have to convert the public to Catholicism, surrender the country to Spanish King Philip, or be forced to depose and be assassinated by the Scottish Catholic lords.

The Plaine Discovery was written by John Napier, a mathematician and printer. It was published in 1596 under the reign of King Philip of Spain. The plaine discovery of the whole revelation of a Saint was published during the summer of 1588. As such, it was published at a time when King James VI was preparing for the Spanish Armada. It is believed that a Spanish victory would result in the conversion of the public to Catholicism, and the subjugation of the English to the rule of King Philip of Spain. In addition, the manuscript may have been copied from other sources and was never attributed to the apostle.

Napier was an English mathematician, who also wrote this book. This is the only version of the text that has the entire revelation in its original language. It is a compilation of various documents containing the entire revelation, and it is a common source for the text of the Bible. In addition to the Plaine Discovery, the book includes apocalyptic passages attributed to John the Apostle.

The Plaine Discovery was written by John Napier in 1598. It is a work of theology and is strongly anti-Catholic. It urges the conversion of the English people to Catholicism. The publication was made at a time when the Spanish Armada was imminent, and the King was worried that it would bring destruction to the English. Ultimately, he was forced to submit to the Spanish armada.

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