Actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres

Actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres - interesting facts of lifeToday’s article is about one of the most popular TV stars, Ellen DeGeneres. She became famous for creating her own talk show, in which she invites actors and actresses of show business, and does not hesitate to ask them the most tricky questions.

Lightness, an unsurpassed sense of humor and professionalism – why else do we love Ellen?

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Principles of TV presenter life

By her example, Ellen DeGeneres proved a simple truth: it doesn’t matter who you are – a painter or a TV presenter to a million audience, the main thing is to remain a person with a kind heart.

In a recent interview, she shared the basic principles that help her to live with dignity.

Actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres - interesting facts of life

Love yourself completely and accept without judgment.

The TV presenter told the story that happened to her during the coming out in 1997. One of the fans sent her a note with a quote from Martha Graham, “There is always only you.”

Over the years, Ellen realized her uniqueness and fell in love with herself. She does not try to change or comply with generally accepted norms, for which people love her.

Try to be kinder

Ellen was raised in a religious family where she attended church every week and heard about the importance of being generous.

“If we are not kind to each other, chaos will ensue,” says the TV presenter.

She is sure that we are all different – but at the same time, we want the same thing: safety, compassion and love. When each person realizes this, the world will have more respect for each other.

Fear nothing and challenge yourself

Ellen admires that there is so much kindness and support on her show since 2004. But, at the same time, he understands that he will not be able to be constantly involved in it for another 15 years.

Ellen DeGeneres is currently writing the script for a new big show that will go beyond American television. This is a difficult and responsible process, but that is why the TV presenter decided to do it.

She also encourages all people to challenge their own fears – and continue to grow above themselves.

Ignore others and stay true to yourself

The TV presenter says that when she just started performing at stand-up shows, many advised her to change the style of jokes and at least sometimes swear. But Ellen understood that this was not typical for her, so she refused many producers.

By a lucky coincidence, at the age of 27 she was noticed by the host of the popular TV show The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, who invited DeGeneres to appear in his columns. There she became famous for her comedy scenes, and one of the most popular numbers was “Call to God.”

Later, sincerity and dedication helped the actress create her own program in the media business.

Actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres - personal life

Spend your free time with your loved ones

Ellen DeGeneres is engaged to the adorable Portia de Rossi, which makes her truly happy.

The TV presenter is sure that you need to set boundaries between work and personal life in order to find harmony. For example, regardless of the workload and responsibility to hundreds of people, Ellen and Portia always have dinner together, and sometimes watch TV shows.

According to DeGeneres, in marriage she gets the most important thing – understanding and support, because “it’s good to be loved, but being understood is more important.”

Have the strength to face your enemies

Ellen is experienced in overcoming challenges. After confessing her sexual orientation, she had to leave Los Angeles and even start taking antidepressants. The attitude in Hollywood towards her completely changed, in addition, the producers refused to offer her a job. Meditation, sports, and hard work on herself saved her from depression.

Ellen once again found the strength to devote herself to screenwriting, and became wildly popular. Each of her former ill-wishers now could not say anything bad about her.

Over time, Ellen DeGeneres became more comfortable with other people’s barbs, following the motto “I do my best. Are you with me or not. “

Become a role model

Ellen speaks with warmth and love of each participant in her show, the performing composition of which has practically not changed since 2004.

The TV presenter said that when she just started working on the project, she gathered everyone and established a clear rule – respect for a friend should come first.

By her example, she showed that even at work a second family can appear, in which everyone is happy to spend time together.

Forgiving other people selflessly

The biggest shock to Ellen’s career was the news that her show was rated “Adult Content.” But the TV presenter does not hold any grudge against anyone, since she understands all the subtleties of show business.

DeGeneres encourages people to free their souls from the destructive feelings of resentment, because only “kindness is the leading force that makes a person calm.”

Actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres - work and creativity

List of lovers of a TV star

Ellen DeGeneres revealed to the whole world her secret that she prefers women, when society did not yet consider unconventional relationships the norm.

The TV presenter also had relationships with men, but in show business, her romances with the female half were always discussed.

Katy Perkoff

Katy Perkoff is the charming TV presenter’s first love. They met in 1970 at a New Orleans club where Katie worked as a manager.

But the novel had no chance of continuation: ten years later, Katy Perkoff crashed in a car accident.

Ellen still feels guilty about what happened, because before the incident, the couple had a big fight. DeGeneres is confident that if she had been driving that evening, the accident could have been avoided.

Anne Heche

Ellen met Anne Heche during a popular American show. They say it was love at first sight.

The actress, known for the films Donnie Brasco and Six Days, Seven Nights, even left her fiancé Steve Martin for the sake of Ellen DeGeneres. The girls’ romance became the most talked about in Los Angeles, they even planned to have children.

But, after several years of relationship, Anne could not stand the pressure of the public and the excessive attention of the paparazzi, and decided to end the novel.

In interviews, Ellen often mentions that Anne Heche was the first girl to dump her.

Portia de Rossi

And now, for more than ten years now, Ellen DeGeneres has been happily married to Australian actress Portia de Rossi.

The girls met back in 2004, Porsche then carefully concealed her orientation, which even the closest friends and relatives did not know about. And only during a relationship with a TV presenter, the actress spoke openly about her personal life.

The celebration passed quietly, in a family-like manner, in the same place de Rossa became DeGeneres.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

A few more facts about the TV presenter

  • A week before the release of the program, Ellen was urgently taken to the hospital, but this did not stop her from recording the show right in the ward. The guests put on white robes and talked sweetly on various topics as if nothing had happened.
  • Ellen came to one university graduation in a dressing gown. It’s amazing that in such an outfit she stood next to Bill Clinton himself!
  • Ellen was the initiator of the stellar selfie during the 2015 Academy Awards. The photo spread all over the Internet, and is still considered one of the most popular over the past decade.

Ellen DeGeneres - unknown and interesting facts of life

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