How to choose and wear tights

How to choose and wear tights - 6 fashionable tights and bows with themThe cold does not want to retreat in any way. But even with the onset of the long-awaited spring, the girls will not soon remove such an element of clothing as tights to the distant shelves.

The choice of tights should be approached consciously, since with their help you can not only keep your legs warm, but also beneficially complement your own image.

Let’s consider how you can use them to create stylish and harmonious bows.

By the way, remember the 5 important rules for choosing women’s nylon tights

1. Solid color tights

Tights in black or dark brown are sure to be in every girl’s wardrobe. It is very convenient to choose shoes in the color of tights: this way of wearing is suitable for everyday life. These wardrobe items do not have to be the same color: they can vary by several tones.

Solid color tights

Thick black tights (as a winter option) and black boots are the basic combination. And to add some creativity to your outfit, wear shoes – and tights, for example, dark purple.

Do you know how and with what to wear colored tights for a woman?

2. Shiny tights

Sparkly colored tights, despite their conviviality, can be a stylish addition to an outfit.

Shiny tights

It is best to wear them to match the top of the bow – especially if it is a pullover, or a long-sleeved top.

3. Black nylon tights

Ideal and a win-win for business style. They are combined with absolutely any element of office wear.

Black nylon tights

Look especially impressive with high heels.

4. Nude transparent tights

Important disclaimer! Such tights must certainly be matte. Shiny things of this kind have long been considered bad manners.

Nude sheer tights

Otherwise, the principles of wearing bodily tights remain the same: you can combine them with anything. In addition to ankle boots with heels, summer light dresses and low-waisted shorts.

5. Tights with a pattern

This means black thin tights with polka dots, with hearts – or other “dotted” design. Such things look as gentle and feminine as possible.

Pantyhose with print

Best of all, they are combined with monochromatic things: in this case, the excess of patterns does not dazzle in the eyes.

6. Fishnet tights

This is a very extravagant piece of clothing. With him, two options for the development of events are possible: elegant sexuality will be added to the image – or cheapness.

The more restrained the image, the finer the mesh must be chosen, it is unable to spoil the bow. A coarse mesh is best combined with plain clothes with a straight cut. This will help avoid vulgarity.

Fishnet tights

This item is not recommended for business meetings, or for everyday office attire.

7. Tights with back seam

They are allowed to be worn only by girls with perfectly straight legs, since the seam line emphasizes the line of the legs – and this can be both winning and losing.

The same goes for tights with a vertical striped print.

Back seam tights

Returning to tights with a seam at the back, it should be noted that usually such a wardrobe item helps to attract men’s looks. Combines with short casual (basic) dresses.

By the way, there are special tights for pregnant women on sale – not only comfortable, but also stylish.

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