ADA Signs – What does it mean?

Tactile information or ADA signs should duplicate flat text or graphic information in tactile and Braille. The order of the tactile symbols should be displayed from left to right. The forms on which the tactile information signs are located should not have sharp corners (have roundings). Guide or informational tactile strips shall be used to determine the direction of travel to or location of tactile information signs.

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Creation history

Braille was invented by a Frenchman in 1824. As a young boy, Louis Braille, then the son of a shoemaker, severely injured his eye with his father’s awl. The wound had severe consequences, and the boy lost his sight. At the age of 15, Louis created his own system of raised-point symbols, which enabled the blind to read text with their fingertips, feeling the relief of the embossed characters. This technology was used a little later for military purposes to create informational leaflets readable at night.

What is Braille?

Braille is an embossed-dot font for writing and reading by the blind, which is based on a combination of six-point dots. The text written in this way is easily recognizable to the touch with a certain skill. The easy-to-read characters and their compact size allow the blind reader to read the text quickly enough. There is an interesting fact that not all states in America require Braille. It can be recognized as a limitation of the rights of blind people.  

Tactile information signs are divided into:

  • information tactile signs (external and internal),

  • information tactile marks;

  • mnemonic schemes.

  • Information tactile signs shall duplicate the text information in the tactile form of flat text and Braille.

The external tactile sign shall contain basic information about the facility, the name of the facility, opening hours. We also give a possibility of applying ADA to all signs provided in our assortment. So the client can choose the best variant for himself. A lot of people appreciate this option of our company.

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Tactile signs for people with disabilities have cues in both plain text and Braille. That’s why they can be used by all people, including low-mobile population groups (LMP) with poor or no vision. For blind and visually impaired people, the ability to read in Braille is the key to successful adaptation and independence.

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The use of tactile tables

Braille products are used for orientation in space and for conveying important information to those who have vision problems. They are badly needed by many companies and organizations like social care buildings, stores and public places. The entire civilized world successfully uses them in many different areas:

  • In all educational institutions: schools, kindergartens, universities, boarding schools.

  • Public buildings: pension offices, city administrations, clinics, hospitals, sanatoriums and resorts.

  • Commercial – stores, offices, etc.

  • Public transport: buses, metro.

  • Museums, theaters, exhibitions and philharmonic societies.

Not many of them are fully equipped with special means of orientation. In the majority of cases, the main barrier is the factor of misunderstanding of their designation.

Where should the pictogram be placed??

Tactile-contrast pictograms and ADA signs should be placed near the entrance door on the side of the door handle. They may not be placed on the door panels. Signs are placed at a height of 170 cm from the floor to their lower edge. Room numbers in headquarters, directorates, institutions and military professional educational organizations, military educational organizations of higher education are placed above the signs.


Why should you choose us?

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