Amniocentesis procedure – video, risks and consequences

Great concerns during pregnancy cause genetic diseasesthat cannot be determined using ordinary ultrasound screenings and routine tests. But science does not stand still, and more recently, a special diagnostic procedure – amniocentesis

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How is amniocentesis performed during pregnancy?

Every woman should know that the decision about the need for amniocentesis can be made only the pregnant woman herself. Therefore, doctors recommend it only for the following indications:

  • Enlarged fetal collar spacediscovered after the first ultrasound screening.
  • Chromosomal diseases in the genus
  • The mother is over 35 years old.
  • Rhesus conflict during pregnancy.


All procedure takes a little time – about 15 minutes.


  • Under ultrasound control, the doctor finds a safe place in the uterus, when inserted into which the needle will not damage the baby or the placenta.
  • Special the syringe pierces the abdominal wall, and about 2 tablespoons are sucked through the needle amniotic fluid. This is a safe amount that the uterus will quickly produce over the next 15 to 20 minutes.
  • After the procedure the puncture is sealed with a plaster. The pregnant woman is placed in the ward, in which she will wait for the control ultrasound examination.
  • By the way, Ultrasound is usually given after 20 minutes, the examination will determine if everything is in order with the child, check his heartbeat.

After that, the woman is allowed to go home. All the next day to her you can’t lift weights, and it will be necessary keep to bed, a at work you need to take a day off.


The amniocentesis procedure is not painful and feels like an ordinary injection. But if a woman is still afraid of this minor pain, then you can do injection of local anestheticalthough doctors do not recommend it.

Is amniocentesis dangerous?

Amniocentesis – a useful type of intrauterine analysis, which gives practically comprehensive information about fetal health… But with all its benefits, one should not forget about the real danger to the child and not risk in vain, i.e. – it is necessary to fulfill procedure strictly according to indications.

Gynecologists all over the world recommend this procedure. only for serious reasonsbecause amniocetesis has its own dangerous consequences and risks:

  1. The main danger is risk of miscarriage… Doctors strongly advise to carry out this procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy, when the threat is minimal.
  2. Infection of the uterus… This hazard exists even in sterile hospital environments.
  3. If the mother is a carrier HIV disease, that is, the risk of infecting the fetus.amniocentesis

A woman needs to decide whether she will leave the child if he finds out chromosomal disease. And, based on your decision, choose the timing of this procedure, because the results will be ready only after two weeks after the procedure itself.

It is possible that when the results are ready, having an abortion will already be life-threatening for the mother.

How much does an amniocentesis procedure cost?

Price such a procedure in different clinics around the world varies widely.

So, in private hospitals and diagnostic centers in Moscow, prices start from 7000 rubles and end up to 22,000 rubles.

Procedure, certainly, not cheap, but if the stake is child’s life and health, then we are not talking about money. Early diagnosis of fetal pathologies gives the mother the opportunity to psychologically prepare for the birth of an unusual child.


In addition, many diseases detected at small stages of pregnancy are treatable even at the prenatal stage of development. A diagnosis of certain diseases before childbirth makes it possible start treatment immediately after birth, without wasting a minute, which gives increased chances for complete recovery of the child.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only, it may not correspond to the specific circumstances of your health, and is not a medical recommendation. The с website reminds you that you should never delay or ignore your visit to a doctor!

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