Az Faison Net Worth

Az Faison Net Worth

Azi Faison is a well-known actor who has amassed a net worth of $10 million. His career is impressive, despite the fact that he often struggles with drug abuse and is often involved in the medication organization business. Read on to discover more about his career and net worth. He was born in New York City on November 11, 1964. He was raised in an impoverished area of Harlem’s Sugar Hill. After the fire destroyed his tenement when he was six, his family moved to a new one. Azi dropped out of school in the ninth grade and went to work at a dry cleaner in Harlem for two years. He is 6’3″ tall and weighs 85 kilos.

az faison’s career

Az Faison is an American rap artist. Born on November 11, 1964, Faison is widely known as a drug dealer, businessman, and rapper. He was a member of the mob group MobStyle from 1989 to 1995. Az Faison’s career and net worth has grown since then. The rapper and businessman has been a part of the New York hip-hop scene for over two decades. His net worth is approximately $50 million.

Azi Faison also wrote Game Over, an autobiography that details his life as a drug dealer. Bat, a man he met, inspired him to get into hustling. Another influential moment was when he watched the film “Scarface” and started distributing cocaine. His wholesale business grew quickly from $40 to more than $100,000 in profits. Azi Faison, his long-time partner, married Nikel Goledd in 2002. They have five children together.

It is difficult to assess Az Faison’s net worth and career. The rap artist’s wealth has fluctuated over the years and sources of income are not known. His wealth is believed to have grown from his drug business, as he was also a cocaine dealer in New York City. However, his career in the music industry has earned him a modest income of $350,000 annually. Az Faison has yet to release his debut album so it is impossible to estimate his net worth.

Azie Faison’s childhood and upbringing were relatively humble. He grew up in a single-mother home and later moved with his family to the Sugar Hill neighborhood in Harlem. His family grew to become one of the first cocaine dealers in New York. The 2002 film Paid in Full, which is based on his personal story, highlights his career. He was seven years old when his parents moved to Sugar Hill in Harlem. He began selling the drug at the age of nine.

Despite his past, Azi Faison’s net worth is likely to increase in the coming years, with his personal fortune estimated to be around $2 million by 2021. While his music career and his career have been largely successful, his criminal past has led him to become a conscious entrepreneur. Although this is a great start, it is not enough to bring him the success he wants.

az faison’s drug use

Although he is no more involved in drug trafficking, Azie Faison remains a prominent figure in Harlem. He once sold heroin at the tender age of twelve and struggled to make ends meet as a cleaner. Faison was shot and forced to leave the drug trade. He wanted to warn others about the dangers involved in drug dealing. Faison also hopes to use his story in order to change society’s perception of drug use.

Born in New York City, Azie Faison, Jr., also known as “AZ,” rose to fame as an individual drug dealer during the War on Drugs. He was only 26 years old when his five-year reign ended. Rich Porter, his childhood friend and partner, was the rapper’s first drug dealer when he was just a teenager. Azie Faison’s drug use led him to become the first wholesale distributor in New York City. By his early twenties, he had become a wholesaler in his neighborhood, earning more than $40K a week. He continued to expand his activities until 1990 and was arguably the biggest distributor of cocaine in the United States during the War on Drugs.

Born in 1964, Azi Faison grew up in a Bronx neighborhood. In his early twenties, he became one of the most popular drug dealers in the United States during the War on Drugs. His career in the drug industry led him to work with Alpo Martinez, Rich Porter, and other notable drug distributors. Despite the drug-related charges against him, Azie Faison’s life story continues to inspire many.

After becoming a wholesaler in Harlem, Faison was introduced to Alpo Martinez, a cocaine distributor in New York City. Eventually, Faison’s business grew to be the largest distributor of cocaine in the entire city. Faison was robbed and shot seven times during his peak. His drug use was so widespread, many of his victims were captured and prosecuted.

Az Faion’s Medicine Organization

Azi Faison, a former street pharmacist and entrepreneur, is worth between USD 1,000,000 and USD 5,000,000. He started selling heroin when he was twelve years old. Later, he worked in a cleaner’s and started selling crack. He eventually made $50,000 per day selling crack. After Rich Porter was released, he met Alpo Martinez. He began working with him.

Faison earned his wealth from many sources. He acquired the money by starting a successful drug business and selling his music collection. The money he obtained was also derived from selling cocaine in Harlem. His total assets are estimated at around $2 million by the year 2021. The founder has also been recognized as an entrepreneur with a philanthropic foundation. His organization is making a difference in the community and bringing hope.

Martinez and Azie Faison were both arrested in the 1990s for various crimes. Azie Faison was the victim in an attempted murder in 1987. She was shot nine times. The attempted murder put a huge strain on the drug network. Porter by Martinez was also hacked to death in this incident. The two men were later convicted of the murder. Azie Faison was later convicted of the murder.

Net worth of az Faion

Azie Faison’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This includes his income as a rapper and entrepreneur. While his net worth is estimated, there is no documentation of his assets, so it is not known how much he has accumulated. While his career as a drug dealer has made him rich, he prefers to live a modest lifestyle. His net worth is expected to reach $5 million by 2021.

Azi Faison has made millions of dollars through various business ventures, including the sale of cocaine in Harlem. She had to make a living from selling drugs, so music was not her only source of income. Since she became a well-known entrepreneur at the age of twenty, her wealth has steadily increased. However, despite being an artist and entrepreneur, her past is full of scandals. Her personal story is one of courage, sacrifice, success, and perseverance.

Faison began to venture into cocaine after meeting Rich Porter. He also met Alpo Martinez, a notorious drug dealer, and they collaborated to create one of the largest cocaine distribution networks in the state. Faison’s drug-related activities came to an abrupt halt when he was wrongly convicted in 1987 of attempted murder. Faison was shot seven times during the trial and was later detained.

Azie Faison, in his 20s, began to work in the drug selling industry. He became one of the most prominent drug dealers in America during the Drug War. He was also an entrepreneur and conscious rapper through his career. His net worth is estimated at $3 million. The following are his other noteworthy achievements. While his net worth is not high, he is a well-known businessman.

Azi Faison’s career has also included successful collaborations with Troy Reed and Agyei Tyehimba. He worked with Reed to make a documentary about his life. This documentary aired in 2002, and Faison later teamed up with the director Troy Reed to make a book about his life. Azi was also involved with the film industry in 1992. He helped to create the group MobStyle, in 1989.

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