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How Azie Faison Has Earned His Net Worth

Azie Faison is a former drug dealer who is now an artist, businessman and was the victim of an attempted assassination. Faison was previously a drug dealer and was charged with heroin possession. He went on to be one of the most influential and successful artists of the 2000s with a net worth of $70 million. Listed below are the various ways that he has earned his net worth.

Azie faison was a drug trafficker

Azie Faison, also known by AZ, was an American businessman who was also a former drug dealer. His drug dealing during the War on Drugs sparked public interest and his five-year reign of crime lordship ended at 26 years old. Faison was an individual drug dealer in New York before he became a drug trafficker. His exploits earned him fame and widespread publicity.

Azie Faison was once a successful drug dealer, but his life is a cautionary tale for young people. His involvement in drug dealing led to a variety of physical and mental problems. Moreover, his relationship with his partner in crimes, Rich Porter, was also troubled. Alpo Martinez was later convicted of several charges in the murder of Porter. Faison began rapping after Porter’s death.

Two mentors shaped the career of Azie Faison, a gangster. Rich Porter, a former gangster and drug-dealer, was the first mentor of Faison. Rich Porter introduced Faison and his business partner, Azi, to Alpo Martinez. They went on to create a massive cocaine trafficking network. Faison’s success was halted when he was arrested for selling heroin and crack.

Azie Faison was a rapper

Azie Faison Jr. (also known as AZ) was an American drug dealer who rose to prominence during World War II. Azi Faison’s five-year reign as a New York crime lord ended when he was 26. His early career as a rapper, however, was marred by his troubled past. Faison was arrested in 1996 and sentenced to prison.

Azie, a young man, attended high school but struggled at school. His grades were poor and he was even shot once. His partner was wrongfully arrested after this incident. Following the trial, Azie decided to abandon his drug dealing career and concentrate on becoming a rapper. Eventually, Azie turned to entrepreneurship and delved into the world of music, but his success has been a mixed bag.

Azi Faison was a drug dealer who also influenced his generation with his music. His hit song “I’m Not a Drug Dealer” was a huge success and he has been compared with Tupac Shakur. His ability to make people laugh has made him one of the most popular hip-hop performers of his generation. While many people have heard of Azie Faison, few really know him.

Azie Faison’s journey to success was not an easy one. He struggled academically until grade nine. He dropped out of school and worked as a dry cleaner for two more years. Achie Faison is the father of five children. It is not clear if he is straight or gay. As far as his sexual orientation is concerned, Azie Faison is a straight male. If you’re interested in Azie Faison’s personal life, you can find out more about her from the interviews she gave to DjVlad TV.

Azie Faison was a businessman

Born on November 11, 1964, Azie Faison grew up in New York City. He lived in a tenement with his mother and older sister. His family moved to a house in Harlem’s Sugar Hill neighborhood when he was six years old. After dropping out of school at the age of nine, he worked at a dry cleaner. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million by 2022.

In his later years, he began to make money selling drugs. He met Alpo Martinez in 1983 at a dry cleaner. Over the next few years, they developed a business relationship and he became a wholesaler in New York City cocaine. After this, he became one of the first people to sell cocaine in New York. He was born in New York City. He later became a businessman. However, his lifelong passion to drug addiction led him from humble beginnings into a successful businessman.

His success as a businessman led him to a violent life. In an attempted robbery in 1987, he was shot seven times and seriously injured. The robbery ended up having negative effects on his business and his personal life. He got involved in hip-hop and founded the group MobStyle. His business career went sour, and he was forced by the end to retire from his business and concentrate on his family and music.

Azie Faison was the victim in an attempted murder

Azie Faison, also known as “AZ”, was a New York drug dealer during the War on Drugs era. He was only twenty-six years old when the attempted murder took place, but his five-year reign is now in the past. He was born in New York City and began selling drugs in his 20s. After becoming a wholesaler, he enlisted his childhood friend, Rich Porter, and his partner Alpo Martinez to join his empire. Azi Faison was later convicted of multiple drug offenses, including attempted murder and plethora.

Azie Faison was a very wealthy man who earned more than $40,000 per day selling drugs. In his early twenties, he was able to expand his drug territories and become a well-known distributor in the United States during the War on Drugs. His relationships with Rich Porter and Alpo Martinez helped him to become a household name. The FBI was prompted to investigate his criminal history and arrested him.

Azie Faison became a drug dealer after watching the 1983 film “Scarface”. He started to work at a dry cleaner, and eventually became a wholesaler of cocaine in Harlem. In eighteen months, Faison was already raking in $40 to $100,000 per week. He continued to grow his business until 1990, becoming the most popular distributor of cocaine in the United States during the War on Drugs.

Azie Faison’s net worth is between $1 million and $5 million

Azi Faison, a rapper, has amassed a net worth between $1 million to $5million. This figure is based on numerous sources of income, including personal ventures and his rapping career. He has sold drugs in Harlem, and is a successful rapper who makes a lot of money.

The rapper Azie Faison, also known as AZ, is an American hip-hop singer and songwriter who has a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. He was a drug dealer during World War II and ruled the streets for five more years before becoming a conscious entrepreneur. His net worth is expected to rise to $2 million by 2022. However, it will fluctuate.

Azie Faison’s net worth has increased over the years as a result of his many creative ventures. He had a solo album released in 1991 and worked on an autobiographical movie with Troy Reed, which is based on his true story. Azie Faison and Troy Reed also collaborated to make a documentary called Gave Over. Azie Faison was married to Nikel Goledd in 2001. She has five children with him.

Azie Faison’s personal life

Azie Faison is an American rap artist and former drug dealer. He has a long history of dealing drugs, and his personal life reflects that. He was previously a Harlem drug dealer, selling cocaine and heroin. However, he has since moved on to rap and become the founder of the underground hip hop group MobStyle. The following are interesting facts about Azie Faison’s life. Continue reading to learn more about his personal and professional life.

The first thing that you should know about Azie Faison’s personal life is that he had a hard time adjusting to a new environment. The situation in his home town of New York City was not favorable to him. In fact, Faison’s family home was destroyed in 1970. Faison moved to Harlem’s Sugar Hill neighborhood, where he dropped out of school in ninth grade. He then worked as a dry cleaner in the neighborhood. He was 13 when a Dominican drug supplier approached him to make a deal. He was sentenced to nearly three months in prison for this arrangement.

Azie Faison’s personal life has been full of drama, controversy, and intrigue. He has been shot and robbed several times. He has also been accused of murdering his longtime partner. Azie has been in relationships with many women, despite his avoidance of media scrutiny and public attention. His relationships are private and he is not gay. But he has been married and has five children. The life story of Azie is fascinating.

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