How to get rid of thrush forever?

There is a thrush (in the medical language – candidal colpitis), according to statistics, in eighty percent of women and is a problem with which acquaintances have been struggling unsuccessfully for many years.

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What is thrush?

Candidiasis, which is a very serious disease, is a consequence of the activity in the body of fungi of the genus Candida. The very same name “thrush” appeared due to the main symptoms of the disease – cheesy discharge. This disease affects not only women, as is commonly believed, but also men (albeit to a lesser extent). Unlike, for example, the influenza virus, Candida fungi are not alien to the human body, and are present in minimal quantities even in absolutely healthy women. Candidiasis becomes a disease due to the multiplication of this type of fungus and its active growth.

First of all, thrush is a fungal infection of the mucous membranes and skin, provoked by the multiplication of the yeast-like Candida fungi. Candida fungus, present on the skin, in the gastrointestinal tract, in the oral cavity and in the genitourinary system of a healthy person, does not create problems if its development is limited by a number of certain factors. Most of the beneficial bacteria (medical fact), together with fungi, maintain a balance in the body, limiting the reproduction of each other. Also, control over the number of fungi is exercised by human immunity. Favorable conditions for the growth of yeast fungi contribute to imbalance and damage to the mucous membranes, which, in turn, leads to thrush.

The defeat of the genitourinary tract is the most famous manifestation of thrush. Often, candida becomes the cause of damage to the internal genital organs, proceeding chronically and with a tendency to relapse.

Is the appearance of thrush a signal from the immune system?

Candidiasis is primarily a signal from human immunity. And it is in the body that the causes of weakened immunity should be sought for with prolonged, recurrent and untreatable candidiasis. Often, hypersensitivity to Candida becomes the cause of frequent exacerbations of thrush in women prone to candidiasis. Therefore, the symptoms of thrush are always a reason for examination by a doctor.

Candidiasis is similar in symptomatology to sexually transmitted diseases, but it is not itself such a disease. Marital candidiasis is also common – oral-genital contacts cause the spread of the infection. In this case, treatment is indicated for both partners.

Timely treatment of candidiasis can prevent many serious illnesses. Not to mention the fact that thrush can be a concomitant ailment or a sign, for example, of diabetes mellitus or HIV infection. Treatment of candidiasis should take place simultaneously with the search for the cause of immunodeficiency and the general strengthening of microflora. It is especially important to treat thrush for women in the position before childbirth, so that, while passing through the birth canal, the child does not become infected with candidiasis.

What are the symptoms of thrush?

  • White curdled vaginal discharge
  • Sour smell of kefir from secretions
  • Redness and swelling of the external genitalia
  • Itching and burning in the perineum, and the vagina constantly, when urinating or during sexual intercourse
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Increased burning and itching after water procedures
  • White plaque on the vaginal mucosa

As a rule, the focus of localization of the infectious process is located in the upper layers of the vaginal epithelium. An infection at this level is able to freeze up to a certain time due to the establishment of a balance between the organism that holds the infection and fungi that are unable to penetrate into the deep layers of the mucous membrane. If the balance is imbalanced, the symptoms of thrush are exacerbated, or recovery occurs.

Thrush: what causes it?

  • Violation of the microflora of the vagina (for example, dirt);
  • Failure to comply with intimate hygiene;
  • Intimate hygiene abuse;
  • Active growth of fungi and bacteria, provoked by heat;
  • A side symptom of another disease (caries, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.). As well as chronic diseases or sexually transmitted infections;
  • Weakening of immunity and disruption of the natural balance in the body;
  • Rare underwear change;
  • Washing underwear with the linen of a person suffering from thrush;
  • Using dirty towels;
  • Contact with a carrier of the disease through water, things or sexual contact;
  • Diabetes;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Tight, uncomfortable underwear;
  • Constant wearing of panty liners;
  • Fever in the vagina.

Theories of the occurrence of thrush:

  1. There are a great many theories of the origin of thrush. Most gynecologists focus on pre-thrush factors such as birth control pills, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances and diabetes, which creates an acidic environment due to high blood sugar.
  2. Antibiotics are one of the most common causes of candidiasis. After their use, not only harmful, but also many useful organisms die. In particular, lactic acid sticks, which control the growth of yeast fungi in the vagina.
  3. Decreased immunity is a key reason. Immunity falls from a lack of vitamins and fresh air, smoking and alcohol abuse, chronic diseases and disorders of the intestinal microflora.
  4. We must not forget about such a reason as contraceptives. Due to the presence of spermicides used in the processing of condoms, a violation of the vaginal microflora occurs.

Treatment of thrush with medicines

The first step towards curing thrush forever is a visit to the gynecologist’s office. The doctor prescribes treatment depending on what type of yeast is the cause of these troubles. And, of course, it is worth following certain rules that will help in the treatment and in the future will save you from relapses of candidiasis. This is an examination of both partners, minimizing sexual intercourse during treatment, avoiding perfumed soap, using only good quality cotton linen and toilet paper, etc.

There are a lot of drugs for the treatment of candidiasis. Both tablets for oral use and suppositories, creams or ointments.

The most famous drugs against thrush: Pimafucin (natamycin); Flucostat; Diflucan and others. The drug can only be prescribed by a doctor in person, taking into account the individual characteristics of your body. warns: self-medication can harm your health!

The course of treatment for thrush, like any fungal disease, should not be interrupted. It takes from five to ten days. Treatment is preferably carried out after menstruation, in the first days, so that it is possible to put candles and douching.

How to get rid of thrush forever?

Douching for thrush

Procedures for the treatment of thrush cannot be carried out one-time – all procedures must be carried out in their own individual course.

  1. With candidiasis may prescribe douching procedures with astringent and anti-inflammatory decoctions (string, celandine, chamomile, oak bark, tansy, acacia flowers, gynecological pharmacy fees, for example, collection No. 235). Chamomile with oak bark is the best combination, the first relieves inflammation, the second has an astringent effect. One tablespoon of each mixture is for 200 ml of water. The filtered and cooled broth is diluted with boiled water to 400 ml, after which it is injected into the vagina with a pre-boiled syringe. Candles are used at bedtime after douching.
  2. Soda or saline solution also used for douching. To do this, per liter, of course, boiled and warm water is taken in equal parts by a tablespoon of salt and soda.
  3. With thrush douching are necessary twice a day (in the morning and at night), throughout the week. An additional therapeutic agent is recommended to use tampons with kefir. Tampons from a sterile bandage are moistened in fat-free kefir and inserted deep into the vagina overnight, after douching, for seven days until the symptoms disappear.

Sex is not recommended during treatment! You should also refrain from smoked, sweet, salty, spicy and fried foods.

Thrush treatment. Folk methods that women often use

These methods are often passed down from girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers. However, no folk method can be more effective than the appointment of a competent specialist.

  • Soda solution for douching. A tablespoon of baking soda is diluted in a liter of boiled water. The solution is applied at bedtime. It reduces itching and neutralizes the acid reaction.
  • Douching with a decoction of calendula, chamomile, white acacia or collecting herbs until completely cured.
  • Lubricate the genital mucosa with slightly diluted honey with water, in the absence of an allergic reaction to honey.
  • A composition of borax (antimicrobial and antiseptic) and glycerin (one to one) is ordered at the pharmacy. After the evening douching with calendula or chamomile, the tampon is moistened in the ordered mixture and inserted into the vagina at night. Continuation of the course – until the symptoms disappear.
  • In the morning and in the evening, douche with garlic water. Two cloves of garlic are ground and poured with a liter of boiled water. Douche with warm garlic water.
  • Squeeze the juice from one garlic clove and, having made a tampon, insert it into the vagina at night. The course is ten days, two weeks in advanced cases.
  • Purchase magnesia powder at the pharmacy. Dilute one teaspoon of powder per liter of boiled water. Douching with a solution is carried out before bedtime, after which a tampon soaked in kefir is inserted into the vagina.
  • For a liter of boiled water – a teaspoon of iodine and a tablespoon of baking soda. Boiled water is poured into the basin and the solution is added there. Sit in these baths for twenty minutes. Repeat two or three times.
  • Tampons soaked in the sap of the Kalanchoe houseplant and inserted into the vagina.
  • For a liter of boiling water – a teaspoon of alum, a teaspoon of copper sulfate and a teaspoon of boric acid. Insist for two days. Add five teaspoons to five liters of warm water. Sit in the trays for a few minutes.
  • In equal proportions, mix sage leaves, eucalyptus, chamomile flowers, calendula, black poplar, birch buds, juniper berries, yarrow grass, pour two tablespoons of the collection with a liter of boiling water, insist overnight. Apply for baths once a day for a month.
  • Thirty gr. eucalyptus (leaves) pour a glass of boiling water and leave for an hour and a half. After straining, douche or insert tampons moistened with infusion into the vagina. Course – until complete recovery.
  • Take half a glass of blueberry juice three times a day.

Prevention of thrush

Contrary to advertising and the prevailing stereotypes, special products for feminine hygiene, on the contrary, are capable of destroying the natural microflora of the vagina. It should be remembered that it is necessary to wash from front to back, and the best remedy against the reproduction of harmful microbes is laundry soap.

How to prevent thrush?

  • Ditch the thongs and wear comfortable, cotton underwear.
  • Do not use panty liners during the warm season, but rather refuse them altogether. If this is not possible, change them as often as possible. This also applies to tampons.
  • Observe the rules of intimate hygiene. To wash in the evening and in the morning, use only clean towels, only your own and only for wiping the genitals.
  • Visit a gynecologist at least once every six months.
  • Wash underwear with chlorine-containing powders and be sure to iron.
  • After visiting open reservoirs and public pools (baths, water parks), prophylactically douche with herbs.
  • Use condoms for protection.
  • Drink carrot juice before meals.
  • Maintain a daily routine and diet. Reduce the amount of flour, fatty and sweet foods, introduce fermented milk products, vegetables and fruits, and garlic into the diet.

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