Beauty And Function: The Allure of a Vanity With a Makeup Table

Vanities come in numerous sizes, shapes, and styles these days. Certain models rest on the floor whereas others are mounted on walls. They can be made of a range of materials as well, each of which should be designed to withstand heat, moisture, stains, and constant use. At the same time, modern vanities offer an array of features. Some have single sinks whereas others have two. Certain units have conventional recessed sinks to save counter space while others are equipped with countertop basins for added flair. 

Why Choose a Vanity That Has a Makeup Table?

On top of all those options, some vanities are equipped with makeup tables. Some homeowners may feel this is a bit of a redundancy. After all, the function of a vanity is to provide a space to put on makeup, style hair, and carry out other everyday tasks, right? Though that’s certainly true, a vanity with a makeup table can provide added convenience and purpose. Consider some of the benefits of choosing this type of vanity.

Saving Space

Vanities with makeup tables can save a great deal of space. Makeup, skin and hair care products, hairstyling tools, and other essentials can take up quite a bit of storage and counter space. Many people have more of those necessities than they realize. Those items often have a way of multiplying and spreading, eventually taking up almost every square inch of available space. That creates an inconvenience for others who need to use the vanity. Setting aside a designated area for those items gives other people space to spread out. 

Promoting Organization

Makeup tables can promote organization, too. Studies indicate that the average person can spend anywhere from two days each year to more than 20 looking for lost items. That doesn’t sound like an unreasonable figure for those who routinely rifle through their makeup looking for a certain shade of fingernail polish or a specific eyeliner pencil. Having a designated makeup table can cut down on frustration and wasted time by providing a place for everything and aiding in keeping all those items neat and organized. 

Customized Lighting

Another benefit of vanities with makeup tables is being able to create a customized lighting setup specifically for applying makeup. Vanities are generally equipped with mirrors whether they’re built into the unit or separate installations. They can have their own lights or draw from the room’s integral lighting. That light isn’t always ideal for applying makeup, though, and the best light for applying makeup isn’t necessarily right for other tasks. With makeup vanities, it’s possible to equip that space with its own unique lighting.

Creating a Perfectly Customized Bathroom

Numerous types of vanities are available in different colors, materials, and styles. With all the options on the market, it’s possible to find one that suits virtually any range of needs. That being said, not everyone’s needs are the same. Some people are looking for more features than basic vanities provide. That’s where vanities with makeup tables come into play. 

These vanities come in single- and double-sink versions. They also offer various storage options and setups. They can help people save space and make staying organized much simpler. They also allow for customized lighting and many other benefits. These particular vanities may not be the right choice for everyone, but for some homeowners, they’re the perfect solution. 

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