Becoming Real Friends and Looking for These – 18 Best Friends Rules

Real Girlfriend RulesThe word “friend” usually means exactly male friendship. But a woman can also be a real friend. Moreover, female friendship – it can become stronger and stronger than male friendship. Regardless of the age of the girlfriends and even regardless of their place of residence.

What kind of real friend is she?

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How to find a real friend in life – we have already discussed.

So, let’s repeat the rules and principles of real friends …

  • First of all, she is “on the same wavelength” with you – understands perfectly, feels your condition, shares aspirations, understands humor.
  • As a rule, girlfriends are at the same level of social status.… There are, of course, exceptions, when one is rich, and the other is from the “below average” step. But such friendship quickly ends, because the well-fed does not understand the hungry (axiom).
  • She is just like you, a confident, attractive woman. You have nothing to share, and in what to envy each other.
  • Marital status also matters. It is extremely difficult to be friends with a single childless woman when you are radiant with family happiness. Therefore, the marital status of girlfriends is usually also similar.
  • A real friend is not jealous in fact. She perceives you for who you are. As an integral part of life, as a loved one. And if a friend did not invite you to the wedding – how to behave?
  • She is able to calm you matter what state you are in, he will always find the right words or just hug and let you cry on your shoulder.
  • She will not send you to a “known address”if you call her late at night to share your worries or good news.
  • She always speaks the truth. She will not lie that this terrible dress suits you, but will directly say that it is better to choose another, otherwise your not too rounded curves will be noticeable throughout the city.
  • Her criticism is always constructive. She does not throw a tub of dirt on you, but immediately suggests solutions to the problem.
  • She can be trusted. And do not be afraid of “information leakage”. A real friend is like a partisan with whom you can go on reconnaissance.
  • She spares nothing for you. Is the salt out? Run in. Not enough money before payday? I will share it, then you will give it back. Nothing to wear? Come in, let’s rummage in my closet. There is no one to leave the spinogryp with? Take me to me, I’m at home today.
  • She doesn’t allow herself to flirt with your husband. You easily leave them alone, and do not worry about anything. Because even if the spouse himself suddenly wants to communicate with your friend closer, then, at least, he will receive a “turn from the gate”, at most – with a frying pan on the head.
  • She does not impose her model of life, interests and beliefs on you. Even having completely opposite views on parenting, politics, etc., you remain close people, able to see the main thing and not notice trifles.
  • She doesn’t ask if you need her help. She just helps – silently and unselfishly.
  • She respects your privacy., does not go into personal affairs, does not get jealous of other girlfriends.
  • She is sincerely interested in how you are doing. Not for show, but because she worries about you.
  • She trusts you completely, is not afraid to reveal even the most “terrible” secrets, I am sure of your honesty.
  • She always keeps promises. You can rely on her. She will betray, not sell or leave in a difficult situation.

Who is a real girlfriend

Of course, friendship is possible only when there is reciprocity… Playing with only one goal always leads to a break in relations. Therefore, take care of your friends.

AND – be mirrored in their relation to you!

We will be very pleased if you share your opinion – are you a good friend, and is a good friend near you?

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