Signs That Can’t Love – Three Anti Leaders of the Zodiac

Love. Everyone, without exception, dreams of her. Everyone wants to experience this magical feeling: to love themselves and of course to be loved. But let’s see if all the signs of the zodiac know how to love?

The answer is simple: of course, everyone! But we all love in our own way. There are signs that really relate to love in a somewhat unusual way, and it may seem to others that they are not at all capable of this bright feeling.


Capricorn zodiac

It may seem that the coldest and prudent sign is Capricorn.

Yes, they are very adept at hiding their feelings. Very practical, often marry of convenience. These people do not know how to express their feelings at all, and are often dry and little emotional.

But you will definitely not find a more caring and loyal helper and friend! And Capricorn women, more than others, want to lean on a strong male shoulder, only she carefully hides it.


Gemini zodiac

Gemini can be called the most changeable sign. Their mood changes as quickly as the weather in London. They love variety and changes in everything, even in love. It is very difficult to take possession of their heart completely and completely, but it is possible: you just need to be different, amazing and unpredictable every day. But if you manage to do this, you will feel such care and tenderness that no other representative of the horoscope can give.

But these are the most romantic and funniest people on Earth. And you will certainly never get bored with them!


Aquarius zodiac

Representatives of this sign are very busy studying the philosophy of the universe, often live in their own world, and they are really very difficult to understand. Love can live very vividly in their imaginations, but reality often disappoints them. They value their freedom very much, very often they give more to strangers than to their loved ones. In addition, Aquarius is very insecure and often suffers from this.

Inside, they are eagerly awaiting to be appreciated. But if there is someone who appreciates – Aquarius will be the most loyal and caring partner.

As you can see, even representatives of these complex signs are still capable of love, the main thing is to discern in them what they so diligently hide: tenderness, touching and caring.

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