Benita Alexander Net Worth

The Net Worth of Benita Alexander is currently unknown. The former television reporter married twice. Her first marriage ended in divorce, and she married a coworker of hers in 2003. The couple had one daughter, Jessina. They divorced in 2009, but Alexander still retains custody of Jessina. She fell in love with Paolo Macchiarini in 2011, a fraudster. However, they are currently separated and Benita Alexander has stopped being publicly visible.

After graduating in 1987 from Wayne State University, she began her career working as a journalist for local TV stations. She was then hired by NBC to work on the show Dateline. For her role on Dateline, she was awarded two Emmys. She married Edson Ricardo, a ballroom dancer, in October 2012. Since then, she has focused much of her attention on documentaries and interviews. Many women were inspired by her story to share their love conn stories.

The Emmy Award-winning journalist has an estimated net worth of $15 million dollars. She started her career as a journalist before moving on to become an executive producer and narrator. She also makes money through interviews and guest starring on a variety shows. Benita Alexander is not only wealthy, but she is also very grateful for all the blessings that have come her way.

The Net Worth of Benita Alexander is estimated to be at $15 million dollars. Her success as a journalist, producer on various television shows, and writer has contributed to her wealth. The real number is likely to be higher. Alexander’s net worth was initially estimated at $4 million. However, it has steadily risen over the years. Although the figure is not 100% accurate, it is a good indicator her income.

Benita Alexander’s net worth has increased dramatically since her NBC appearance on “He Lied About Everything”. She is currently a VP of Creation/Oversight at Efran Movies. She is also the author of several books and has been involved with various TV series. Her net worth has increased in the last few years, with her success in the media industry. Her wealth and success can be derived from many other sources, so it is worth investigating her net worth.

Benita Alexander has been married twice. John Noel, an American journalist, was her first marriage. He met her through a colleague at work. The two had a daughter, Jessina. They divorced in 2009, and she was back in the public eye. Alexander has been linked with Paolo Macchiarini since then. Although there is no evidence to support her claim that she was married twice, her net worth is estimated at at least $1million.

Benita Alexander has dated several men over the past several years. She was previously married to Paolo Macchiarini, an Italian, who starred in NBC’s narrative “A Leap of Faith.” In 2013, she asked Macchiarini to marry her and proposed with a million dollar ring. She couldn’t resist and ended her relationship with Macchiarini. After months of speculation and rumors, Benita was forced by Macchiarini to divorce her. She eventually decided to end their relationship, despite having spent a large sum of money on their wedding.

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