Benjamin Arellano Felix Net Worth

Benjamin Arellano Felix is a Mexican drug lord who earned a whopping $3 million to $5 million in the process of selling his Yeezy sneakers. But, as his earnings from the sneakers were inflated, the U.S. counterparts argued that Benjamin is actually hiding his money in Mexico. Although he allegedly had some investments in the U.S., there is no concrete evidence to prove this. The actor Carlos Hernan Romo plays the fictional Benjamin Avendano while Alfonso Dosal portrays Benjamin Arellano Felix in the movie Narcos. In addition, a 2003 Mexican film El fin de los Arellano depicts characters based on the Arellano brothers, with the plot very similar to the real-life story.

Benjamin Arellano Felix was largely responsible for the rise of AFOs in the 1980s. Miguel FELIXGallardo, his brother, was also arrested for his involvement in the murder of Enrique Camarena. As the Tijuana cartel’s leader, Arellano was given control over the weed smuggling operations in the city. He and his other members began warring with the Guadalajara cartel, which was led by his brother, Eduardo Arellano. Ernesto FONSECA Carrillo, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, joined him in the group.

The net worth of Benjamin Arellano Felix will rise substantially by 2021, when he turns 69 years old. He has become an internet celebrity with numerous social media accounts, which are widely followed. After his release, he will need to complete a probation period. His net worth will continue growing thanks to his many social media accounts. Check out some of his social media profiles below.

The family is well-known for their involvement in the Mexican drug trade. Benjamin and his brother, Eduardo, ran a rival cartel that went bankrupt due to unpaid debts. El Mayo, their father, is the Tijuana Cartel’s heir apparent. Their family is in the process of getting their family released. It is expected that they will be brought to justice after they are released in August.

The Arellano brothers were involved with a drug trafficking operation in Tijuana that brought tons of cocaine to America through Colombia and Mexico. The cartel controlled half the cocaine that was sold in the United States during the 1990s. It was a highly sophisticated smuggling network that built a tunnel to get drugs across the border. With the money from his narcotics business, the Arellanos were able to make huge profits.

The Arellanos’ net worth was significantly affected by the raid on the warehouses of the Cali cartel. The sting of the raid cost the Cali cartel about $7 billion. The brothers’ family and relatives discuss the loss of dues. In the meantime, Benjamin Andresen – a younger brother – has continued to run his family’s criminal empire.

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