Benjamin Chen Net Worth

Ben Chen has a net worth of around $45 million. The 33-year-old Chinese American has accumulated his wealth by playing poker and collecting supercars. Over $82,240 worth stock has been traded during the past eight years. Chen is married to Kenya Moore and has a daughter. Listed below are some of his other interests. Continue reading to learn more about his personal life, including his net worth.

Ben Chan was born in 1975 in Hong Kong. He is currently a member of the Legislative Council, representing the geographical constituency of the New Territories West. Ben Chen was involved with a car accident in 2010, resulting in the loss of his McLaren 12C Spider worth $230,000. His work on TV shows like New York Live has earned him numerous awards. His mailing address is 1616 East Lake Ave East, Suite 510.

He has a reputation for driving aggressively. He has been involved in at least three car crashes. In 2013, Chen crashed a McLaren 12C Spider into a parked minivan. He and his passenger were both uninjured. Chen was cited for reckless driving. He was also fined $10,000 for the incident. However, his net worth continues to rise despite his recent setbacks.

Chen’s net worth is considerably lower than many of the other notable Winter Olympians. Shaun White, a snowboarder, has a net worth $60 million. Figure skater Michelle Kwan is worth $12 million. Kim Yuna, a South Korean figure skater, earned $16 million last fiscal year. She has two gold medals from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and one silver medal from the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

The Hong Kong-born actress Fala Chen is another star in Hollywood. In addition to starring in the Hollywood movie “Shaanxi The Legend of the Ten Rings,” Chen has a net worth of $5 million. The actress also owns several properties in China, Hong Kong, the United States and Hong Kong. As an actress and singer, she earns approximately $1.2 million annually. The sum she earns from her career is impressive.

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