Oxisize and bodyflex – differences: which is better – bodyflex or oxysize?

Respiratory systems are becoming more and more popular today. Of the most popular, oxysize and body flex can be distinguished – two techniques that suggest the possibility of effective body shaping with the help of proper breathing.

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Bodyflex and oxysize – the main differences: what is the difference between bodyflex and oxysize?

Only the lazy did not talk about the benefits of proper breathing. Any sport takes this moment into account, and yoga with Pilates is no exception. The bottom line is in enriching the body with oxygen and obtaining the necessary energy. What are the features of bodyflex and oxysease?

Bodyflex – features

  • The exercises are based on 5-stage diaphragmatic breathing and take 15 minutes a day.
  • The program is designed to train the muscles of the torso, as well as to tighten all problem areas.
  • Classes are held on an empty stomach.
  • Exercise is useless while taking antidepressants and birth control pills.
  • The main condition for the effectiveness of exercise is a minimum of drugs taken and a healthy liver.
  • Bodyflex is effective for dealing with extra centimeters and is useless for transforming a good figure into an ideal one.

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Oxysize – features

  • 4-stage breathing system. It is combined with exercises, which they switch to after mastering the breathing technique (static exercises, stretching).
  • During exercise, fat is a source of energy, mostly muscles are involved.
  • Taking antidepressants and contraceptives does not matter and does not affect the result of losing weight.
  • Oxysize helps in cases where body flex is ineffective. Suitable for physically prepared people.
  • The oxysize program does not imply the need to make certain sounds – the exercises are quiet (the baby sleeping next to it will not wake up from the sounds).
  • Classes take place 2 hours after meals.
  • Food restrictions are optional. But when combined with diet, the technique will be more effective.
  • In comparison with body flex: breathing is easier, without delays, stress for the body is minimal.

Complexity bodyflex consists in contraindications and breath holding, the essence is in gaining muscle elasticity and in burning fat. Oxysize – universal breathing exercises without restrictions for the harmony of body and soul.

The main rule of both programs is occupation stability

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The author of the blog about natural bodybuilding and trainer Stanislav Mikhailovsky tells about the effectiveness of bodyflex for weight loss

Stanislav Mikhailovsky
Stanislav Mikhailovsky

Bodyflex is a wonderful and very useful form of physical activity that combines stretching exercises and deep diaphragmatic breathing. It also has a powerful healing effect. But in terms of weight loss, body flex is inferior to fitness, strength training, or cycling, which has recently become popular. Why? But because the energy costs for performing stretching movements are not comparable to squats with a barbell or pedaling a bicycle to rhythmic music.

Yes, such workouts have contraindications and are suitable, unlike bodyflex, not for everyone, which is why they are mainly engaged in by pregnant women, or by women after childbirth or by cesarean section who have gained excess weight, as well as people who are contraindicated in strength physical activity.

So is it possible to lose weight by doing body flex? During the implementation of a set of exercises according to the body flex system, invented by Marina Korpan, the cells are enriched with oxygen, thereby accelerating metabolic processes and improving overall well-being. But at the same time, the body spends only 200-250 kcal per hour of exercise (at best).

For the same period of time spent in the gym, you can use up 300-400 kcal, radically increase muscle density, add volume to them, and in addition maintain a high metabolic rate for up to 36 hours. That is, continue to lose weight even after the end of the training process.

Is it possible to combine body flex and strength training? If the state of health allows, it is still better to lose weight using more active types of physical activity. But, not forgetting about the huge potential of body flex. At the end of the cycle of strength loading or at the end of a fitness workout, you can and even need to perform a set of breathing exercises from bodyflex along with stretching exercises. The symbiosis of such sports will only benefit, both for weight loss and for health improvement.

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Oxisize or bodyflex – which is better in the opinion of doctors?

  1. The oxysize system has not undergone clinical trials, and is not officially represented in our country. The only study (the effect of oxygen on fat burning and exercise) found that deep breathing increased training efficiency by 140 percent. That is, if you breathe correctly, then any exercise will help with burning calories.
  2. Oxysize gives the best result in the morning, saturating the body with oxygen, accelerating blood flow and metabolism, and restoring muscles.
  3. The advantages of both techniques, taking into account deep breathing: improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, maintaining pH synthesis, getting rid of toxins, producing positive hormones, burning fat.
  4. For athletes and fans of dance, oxysize and body flex are not helpers. Constant physical activity leads to the formation of a special metabolism, as a result of which extra pounds are eliminated only by diet.
  5. Both techniques do not imply a “super model” result. They are aimed at achieving a normal state, without excess fat. Therefore, girls who set the goal of “unrealistic thinness”, it is better to look for other opportunities. But it is worth recalling that excessive thinness is far from a sign of health, and has long been no sign of a model appearance.
  6. None of the techniques can help eliminate excess fat if the cause of obesity is poor thyroid function.
  7. Oksize is suitable for girls who have problems with the waist, abdominal muscles, and belly fat. Bodyflex is aimed at fighting fat on the thighs.
  8. Bodyflex is categorically contraindicated if you have heart problems, hypertension or retinal detachment, if you are pregnant, if you are a young mother. Oxysize (subject to the rejection of overvoltage and breath holding) is useful even with these diagnoses, pregnancy and after a cesarean section.
  9. The bodyflex technique involves holding your breath and performing exercises just “while inhaling.” Oxisize, on the other hand, requires exercise first and then proper breathing.

Both techniques have advantages, both are effective, and both can be used at home. The main thing is to remember about contraindications to body flex and about preparedness for oxysize.

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