Best books to read before bed

Books that are better to read before bedtime - TOP-10After a busy day at work, you want to rest a little, relax and fall asleep sweetly. Reading a book can help relieve stress and negative emotions before bed.

British scientists have proven that a book read at night soothes, relaxes and normalizes the general condition of a person.

15 best antidepressant books – read and cheer up!

Basic rules for choosing a book before bed

The main rules in choosing a literary work are an interesting and calm plot, as well as a smooth development of the course of events.

Thriller and horror are not worth choosing. The most suitable will be books of the romantic, comedy and detective genres. They will be able to interest and captivate readers, help relieve stress and distract from extraneous thoughts.

We have compiled a selection of the most interesting and relevant works. We invite readers to familiarize themselves with a list of suitable books that are good to read before bed.

Books that are better to read before bedtime - TOP-10

1. Lullaby of the stars

Author: Karen White

Genre: Romance novel, detective

After a divorce from her husband, Gillian and her daughter decide to return to their hometown located on the Atlantic coast. A woman dreams of happiness, solitude and tranquility. But a chance meeting with longtime friend Link disrupts all her plans. It turns out that old friends are connected by the secrets of the distant past and tragic events.

Lullaby of the stars

16 years ago, their mutual friend Lauren disappeared without a trace. Now the heroes have to sort out the matter of bygone days and unravel the mystery of the past in order to find out what happened to their friend. They will be helped by the young girl Grace, who is transmitting messages from Lauren.

An interesting plot will help readers to get distracted from extraneous thoughts and watch the investigation, as well as allow them to enjoy a pleasant rest and fall asleep.

2. Robinson Crusoe

Author: Daniel Defoe

Genre: Adventure novel

A lover of wanderings and sea travel, Robinson Crusoe leaves his native New York and sets off on a long voyage. A shipwreck soon occurs and the sailor takes refuge on a merchant ship.

While exploring the vast expanses of the sea, the ship is attacked by pirates. Crusoe is captured, where he spends two years and then escapes on a launch. Brazilian sailors pick up the unfortunate sailor and take him aboard the ship.

Robinson Crusoe

But here, too, Robinson is pursued by misfortune, and the ship is wrecked. The crew dies, but the hero survives. He gets to the nearest uninhabited island, where he will spend most of his life.

But this is where Crusoe’s thrilling, dangerous and amazing adventures begin. They will interest, captivate readers and help to relax. Reading a book before bed will be useful and interesting.

3. Murder on the Orient Express

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Detective novel

The famous detective Hercule Poirot goes to an important meeting in another part of the country. He becomes a passenger on the Orient Express, where he meets respected and wealthy people. All of them belong to high society, communicate nicely and amicably, giving the impression that they have met for the first time and are completely unfamiliar with each other.

Murder on the Orient Express

At night, when the road is covered with snow and a blizzard overtakes, the murder of the influential Mr. Ratchett takes place. Detective Hercule Poirot must figure everything out and find the culprit. He embarks on an investigation, trying to find out which of the passengers was involved in the murder. But first he has to unravel the tangled mystery of the distant past.

Reading a book of the detective genre, no doubt, will captivate readers and help to relax mentally.

4. Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Genre: Fantastic romance, adventure

Santiago is an ordinary shepherd who grazes sheep and lives in Andalusia. He dreams of changing his boring, monotonous life, and one day in a dream he has a vision. He sees the Egyptian pyramids and untold treasures.

The next morning, the shepherd decides to go in search of the treasure, hoping to become rich. When he sets out on a journey, he sells all his livestock. On the way, he loses money and ends up in a foreign land.


Life prepared for Santiago many difficult trials, as well as a meeting with true love and a wise teacher Alchemist. On the journey, he finds the path of his true destiny and destiny. He manages to overcome everything and find untold treasures – but where he did not expect at all.

The book is read in one breath and has an interesting plot. The unhurried presentation of the author will give calmness and tranquility before going to bed.

5. Night porter

Author: Irwin Shaw

Genre: novel

In the life of Douglas Grimes comes a difficult period when he is deprived of the pilot’s rank and work in aviation. Vision problems become the cause. Now a retired pilot is forced to work as a night porter at a hotel and receive a modest salary. But one accident completely changes his unsuccessful life. At night, the guest dies in the hotel, and Douglas finds a suitcase with money in his room.

Night porter

Taking possession of the case, he decides to flee to Europe, where he can start a new happy life. However, someone is hunting for money, which forces the hero to hide. In a hurry and hectic going to another continent, the former pilot accidentally confused a suitcase with money – and now he goes in desperate search for it.

This book is incredibly interesting and easy to read, watching the adventures of the protagonist. It will allow readers to find a positive attitude and help them fall asleep.

6. Stardust

Author: Neil Gaiman

Genre: Novel, fantasy

An incredible story takes readers to a wonderful world where magic and magic exist. Evil witches, good fairies and powerful sorceresses live here.

The young guy Tristan goes in search of a star that has fallen from the sky – and ends up in an unknown world. Together with the star in the form of a beautiful girl, he follows an incredible adventure.

star dust

Ahead they will meet with witches, witchcraft and magic spells. On the trail of the heroes, evil sorceresses are moving, wanting to kidnap the star and harm it. Tristan needs to protect his companion and save true love.

The thrilling adventures of the main characters will appeal to many readers, and will especially appeal to fans of fantasy. Magic, magic and wonders will give a lot of positive emotions and allow you to relax before bed.

7. Anne of Green Gables

Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery

Genre: novel

The owners of the small estate, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, are lonely. They have no spouses or children, and the years are rapidly flying forward. Deciding to brighten up loneliness and find a faithful au pair, the brother and sister decide to take the child from the orphanage. An absurd coincidence brings a young girl, Anne Shirley, to their house. She immediately liked the guardians, and they decided to leave her.

Anne of Green Gables

The unhappy orphan finds a cozy home and a real family. She begins to study at school, showing a thirst for knowledge, and helping foster parents with household chores. Soon the girl finds true friends and makes interesting discoveries for herself.

This kind story about a cute red-haired girl will surely please the readers. The book can be read with confidence at night, without straining your thoughts and without pondering the intricate plot.

8. Jane Eyre

Author: Charlotte Bronte

Genre: novel

The book is based on the difficult life story of the unfortunate girl Jane Eyre. When she was just a child, her parents died. Having lost her mother’s love and affection, the girl moved to Aunt Reed’s house. She gave her shelter, but was not particularly happy about her appearance. Aunt constantly reproached her, repulsed her and was only concerned about raising her own children.

Jane Eyre

Jane felt rejected and unloved. When she grew up, she was assigned to a boarding school where she studied. When the girl turned 18, she firmly decided to change her life and move on. She went to the Thornfield estate, where her path to a happy life began.

This touching story will captivate women. On the pages of the book, they can find stories of love, hatred, happiness and betrayal. Reading a book before bed will be great, because it can easily help you relax and fall asleep.

9. Anna Karenina

Author: Lev Tolstoy

Genre: novel

Events originate in the 19th century. The curtain of secrets and mysteries of the life of nobles and people from high society opens before the readers. Anna Karenina is a married woman who is fond of the charming officer Vronsky. Mutual feelings flare up between them, and a romance arises. But in those days, society was harsh about the betrayal of married couples.

Anna Karenina

Anna becomes the object of gossip, discussion and conversation. But she cannot cope with feelings, because she is sincerely in love with an officer. She finds a solution to all problems, but chooses a very terrible way.

Readers will read this book with pleasure, empathizing with the main character. Before going to bed, the book will help you get inspired by romance and pleasantly fall asleep.

10. I sat down on the bank of the Rio Piedra and cried

Author: Paulo Coelho

Genre: Love story

A chance meeting of old friends becomes the beginning of difficult life trials and great love. The beautiful girl Pilar sets off on a long journey after her lover. He found the path of spiritual development and received the gift of healing. Now he will travel the world and save people from death. The life of a healer will be spent in eternal prayer and worship.

I sat down on the banks of the Rio Piedra and cried

Pilar is ready to be always there, but she feels superfluous in the life of her beloved. She must go through many trials and mental anguish to stay with him. With great difficulty, she manages to go through the difficult life path and find the long-awaited happiness.

A touching and exciting love story is the perfect choice for a bedtime reading.

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