Better Bedder Net Worth

Better Bedder Net Worth – How Much is Better Bedder Worth?

Making beds is one of the least-favorite household tasks, but two mom-turned-entrepreneurs came up with a way to make this task simpler: Better Bedder. This innovative sheet fastener looks like a giant headband and holds both fitted and flat sheets in place without clips or straps. They pitched their business idea on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 15 asking for $150,000 with 10 percent equity; Lori Greiner decided to invest instead, giving 18 percent of her company.

The Better Bedder is an effective and time-saving tool designed to make making up your bed much simpler in the mornings. It fits securely around the mattress, completely covering it without gaps or loose sheets – also helping tighten and keep sheets tight during sleep and thus shortening bedmaking time considerably. Plus, its machine-washable construction from cotton, polyester, and spandex means it’s comfortable sleeping surface!

Nita Friloux Gassen and Judy Schott are the co-founders of Better Bedder in Mandeville, Louisiana. After working together at an insurance business called Gilspar for fifteen years prior to forming their startup venture. Since launching Better Bedder over 18 months ago they have seen steady sales with $476,000 earned in sales from 2021 estimates alone!

Better Bedder’s inventors are expanding their business into the hospitality sector as part of an effort to gain greater exposure for their product currently sold on Amazon and their website, and hope to sell it in hotels, RVs and senior homes.

Better Bedder offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and comes with a lifetime warranty, as well as an FAQ page. Customers with any inquiries or issues can reach out directly to customer service for support.

As of this writing, the Better Bedder has received five-star reviews from its customers on Amazon and on its own website – with only 12 negative comments posted so far on either site.

After appearing on Shark Tank, the founders of Better Bedder were able to sell over $157,000 worth of product in just one day! Additionally, they produced an infomercial for Better Bedder which will soon be broadcast nationwide at Walmart stores nationwide.

As it stands now, its future remains unclear for this innovative product. But with such an engaged customer base and numerous positive reviews already garnered, its future seems promising. But as with any startup business venture, failure remains possible; therefore it is key for entrepreneurs to keep working hard at improving their product.

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