The psychologist told how to always stay positive

A fabulous life … everyone dreams of it. But, as practice shows, this is a myth. It is impossible to imagine a happy person without problems, who would not know grief and never suffer. Fortunately, modern psychology teaches the rules of “programming” positive thinking.

Psychologist Colady shared with readers how to always stay positive.

Basic rules for the formation of positive thinking

So, psychologists identify 3 basic principles of positive thinking.

1. We are looking for pluses in any situation

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Look for that good. Got fired? This means that there is a new one ahead, even more interesting. And with her new acquaintances and a new creative path. Delayed the train? This is a reason to finally read your favorite book, or buy gifts for your closest people. Did your daughter wear a leather jacket, tractor-soled boots and dyed her hair green? Rejoice that the instinct of greyness is alien to your child – this is undoubtedly a reason to get closer to each other and teach your child a sense of proportion.

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2. Avoiding toxic people

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As a rule, they become the source of our bad mood. Constant complaints from colleagues about the hard life under the wing of a tyrant boss, “friends” gossiping about each other, relatives who come to visit only to gloat over our situation or, on the contrary, to borrow money – all these are factors that can simply be avoided … Friendship should only bring positive emotions. It should be added that we ourselves should forget how to complain.

3. Do not sit idly by, act!

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Most people, when faced with difficulties and problems, try to simply forget about them. As a last resort, pour out your soul to your friends and, again, forget. But problems cannot be solved by themselves, and with a large number of them it is quite possible to cope with, if you do not sit idly by.

Tired of the mess in your house? Give yourself at least ten minutes a day to clean up. But every day. Is the lion’s share of the mess made by children? Come up with a game with the little ones, where prizes from mom and dad are awarded for cleanliness and order in the house once a week.

Money leakingare they by the river? Do not even have time to hold your salary in your hands? Plan your spending ahead of time by making shopping lists. And never take more money to the store than is required according to the list – this will protect you from spontaneous acquisitions, which you can do without.

Life is motion Any action aimed at changing the situation will have positive results, or at least experience. Which is also priceless.

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By raising the spirits of other people, we also raise them for ourselves.

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When we are in a bad mood, we are unwilling to do good deeds. We do not see the point in this and are locked in our shell. But, as life shows, even a tiny kind deed can change depression for a smile when we make loved ones and completely strangers happy. And it doesn’t have to be the rescue of a drowned tractor, or Batman’s flight over the criminal city. It could be just a note in a couple of gentle lines that you stuffed into your daughter’s pocket. Or a culinary surprise for a husband who has long dreamed of a meat stew with a cheese crust in a pot.

The desire to make someone happier just inevitably makes us happy.

Watch your thoughts and desires!

Thoughts are material: “If you peer into the abyss for too long, then it begins to peer into you.”

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This has been proven for a long time. If you are very afraid of something, sooner or later it will happen. Living with negative thoughts constantly becomes a way of life. And then it is already very difficult to cut this knot and force yourself to think positively.

First of all, you should drive away all negative thoughts from yourself. Categorically and mercilessly. Does not work? Abstract yourself. Doesn’t it work again? Distract yourself with physical work – it always helps. Don’t attract negative thoughts to yourself with bad thoughts. Think only about the good and tune yourself only to the positive.

Never say “IF it works …” about something long-awaited. Say “WHEN”, affirming in your mind the fact that this long-awaited will definitely come true.

How to become a positive person?

  1. Don’t build up negative emotions. Free your mind of resentments and unpleasant memories for happy thoughts.
  2. Get out of the habit of blaming yourself for mistakes.
  3. Do not deny yourself what gives you pleasure – dance, sing, listen to music, do art or sports. The main thing is that all negative emotions have a way out. And not on loved ones, but through psychological relaxation, and thanks to the hormones of happiness.
  4. Smile. Smile as soon as you wake up. Smile in response to someone’s rudeness in transport. Smile when you feel bad. Humor and smiles devalue the seriousness of problems, they are the best analgesic for sadness and depression. Thank fate for every given moment of joy, for every day you have lived and learn to think only positively. Share your smiles. Sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, give smiles at work, at home, on the street. Let 50 out of a hundred people think that you are not all at home, but the other 50 will smile back at you. This therapy is guaranteed to help get rid of depression. In a photo studio, take pictures of smiling, and better laughing faces of each family member in the largest possible format. Hang pictures on the walls of your apartment. Passing them, you will involuntarily smile.
  5. Create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home There are a great many ways to do this. Only the walls of the house to which you want to return help.
  6. Find at least half an hour a day to indulge your weaknesses Relaxation and relaxation alone with yourself and your favorite pastime is simply a must in the optimist’s day regimen.
  7. Experiment with your life. Change your hairstyle, clothing style, handbags and place of residence. Rearrange furniture and travel. Movement and change of impressions is the best medicine for depression.

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Forming positive thinking

The psychologist told how to always stay positive
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It has long been known that the smell is able to dizzy, plunge into depression, cheer up, cure and, on the contrary, cause the manifestation of the disease. Smells, like provocateurs of emotions, can remind of certain events in life, soothe or excite the blood:

  • It’s helpful to remember that citrus and ginger aromas help fight depression and anxiety.
  • The scent of rosemary promotes concentration and stimulates the brain.
  • Lavender, which has a calming effect, relieves anxiety, fear and irritability.
  • You can also get a boost of energy from the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • A well-known antidepressant is vanilla. The aroma of vanilla relaxes, improves mood and, by the way, for those who want to lose weight, interrupts the desire to put something sweet in their mouths.

How do you cheer yourself up? Let us know in the comments!

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