Big Baby Davis Net Worth

Big Baby Davis Net Worth

Are You an NBA Fan? Chances are that you’ve heard of Big Baby. He is a former American professional basketball player with an estimated net worth between $10-15 Million earned through his successful playing career as well as brand endorsements, social media posts, tours and promotions.

Davis is a 6’9″ power forward and center from Louisiana who is widely beloved among his fans for his large build and magnetic personality. However, early life wasn’t kind to Davis who suffered domestic violence and drug dependency before eventually rising above these challenges and becoming one of the NBA’s most beloved players.

Davis began his NBA career with the Seattle Supersonics in 2007. He played there until 2011, when he was traded to Orlando Magic. Two seasons later he was sent back out again when traded back out again for Los Angeles Clippers; where he would remain until 2014 when he decided to retire from professional basketball.

Davis earned many honors and awards during his career, including SEC Player of the Year honors in 2006. Additionally, he was honored as second-team All-American and was part of 2008 NBA championship winning Celtics team.

Big Baby has since retired from the NBA and been struggling with depression and other mental health issues, attributing this to his career’s end and celebrity pressures. He has openly discussed these struggles, and sought treatment. Furthermore, Big Baby remains active as a philanthropist giving back to the community through various avenues.

Big Baby is a family man and has three children from two previous relationships. He was initially married to Jenna Gomez for two years before divorcing, before starting dating model Jasmin Jaye and having one son together; additionally he has another child from an earlier union.

Former NBA star Kobe Bryant maintains an active social media presence. He often shares updates from his personal life, basketball career, and topics of interest on his pages – often sharing photos from his luxurious lifestyle with followers. On Instagram he boasts of showing off basketball highlights as well as activities he engages in.

Big Baby was among 18 former NBA players charged in October 2021 with healthcare insurance fraud. Born January 1, 1986 and 35 years old now, he attended Louisiana State University to complete his education.

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