Brad Bratcher Net Worth

Brad Batcher is a very popular American actor who is worth $50,000 according to some sources. His net worth is based on his career as a computer data consultant. He and Jenna have two children together. Their first child was born in May 2012. The second was born November 1, 2014. Jenna and Brad have a close relationship and are very close to one another. They both have two daughters, Gray Andrey and Marlo Monroe.

Brad Bratcher has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. He has earned most of his money through various industries. His biggest claim to fame is being hired to write a book on online dating. It is difficult to know how much he makes because he is involved in so many fields. Jenna and Brad Bratcher have a happy marriage. They met at a wine bar where they talked about books and wine.

While Bratcher has not disclosed his exact height, he appears to be 6 feet tall. He has brown hair and hazel eye. Brad Bratcher’s job involves his passion for computer data. He is an account executive and consultant for Consensus Point. Consensus Point is one of the leading providers of prediction market research solutions. Bratcher supports the Huunu prediction market research solution.

Brad Bratcher’s annual salary is just a fraction of his net wealth. The average annual salary for the computer data consultant is $86,476. His wife, Jenna von Oy, is also a computer data consultant. While the number of followers on Bratcher’s social media accounts has risen significantly over the years, he has yet to reveal this information. Therefore, it is important to look for reliable sources of information if you are looking to estimate Brad Bratcher’s net worth.

Brad Bratcher’s net worth has grown over the years thanks to his career as a computer-data consultant. Consensus Point is his current job. Consensus Point is a leader in the Prediction Markets industry. He was previously the director of client services for the company. He is also married to Jenna Von Oy since more than six years. They have two children. Brad Bratcher’s success in his career and relationships has contributed to an increase in Brad Bratcher’s net worth.

Jenna Von Oy is worth $1.5 million. Her career began as an actress on Blossom. In addition to that, she also starred in Mary’s Garden and has appeared in numerous other films. She has earned more than $8 million in her career but has not disclosed the exact figures. You can check her net worth by reading her wiki. You may also be interested in her net worth.

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