Brad Williams Net Worth

What is Brad Williams Net Worth?

Regardless of the fact that Brad Williams has been one of the most prominent and successful actors in the comedy industry for many years, the majority of people still don’t know exactly how much he’s worth. But there are a few things you should know about the star’s life and career.


Having Achondroplasia has impacted Brad Williams’ career as a stand up comedian. Although he was diagnosed with the condition in his early years, Williams has not let it hold him back. Instead, he uses it to his advantage.

In fact, he is not only a stand up comedian but also an actor. He has appeared in a number of films and TV shows. He also has released two comedy albums. He has also appeared on the radio show “Kevin and Bean” with Adam Ray.

In addition to acting, Williams has also been a successful model. He is married to Tae Kwon Do instructor Jasmine Gong. They have two children. Their daughter, Elway, was born with achondoproplasia.

Brad Williams’ net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. He has made his money through his successful stand up comedy career. He has also earned a salary through his movie and TV roles. He has also sold circles.

Brad Williams’ net worth is higher than most actors in his age range. He has sold circles for over $1 million.

Comedy career

Originally from Orange, California, American stand-up comedian and actor Brad Williams was born with achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism. He began performing stand-up comedy at age 19 and has since appeared in numerous films and television shows. His comedy usually revolves around sex, race, and disability.

The comedian started his career as a Carlos Mencia opener. Mencia noticed that Williams had a great stage presence and asked him to join him on stage. Mencia then asked him to try stand-up.

Mencia gave Williams a chance to continue his career, and Williams has been on stage ever since. Brad Williams has made numerous appearances on television and radio shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Deadbeat, and the Kevin and Bean Show. He is also one of the regular hosts of the podcast About Last Night.

He has also appeared in several films, including Hollywood Sex Wars and El Matador. He has also co-starred with Ryan Seacrest and Josh Blue in the film Mind of Mencia. He has also been a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Personal life

Despite being short, Brad Williams is a comedian who has found success in the entertainment industry. He started his acting career in 2003 and he has made appearances in a number of movies. He also appears on several TV shows. He has also released two comedy specials.

Brad Williams met his wife, Jasmine, on a dating app. They married in Los Angeles in 2017. Jasmine is a Tae Kwon Do instructor and she holds a fourth degree black belt in martial arts. She also is a dog lover. She is known to travel frequently and she likes to stay active. She is also a fan of Eskabo Daan and Hapkido. She has traveled to several different states and countries. She is a member of several animal shelters.

Jasmine and Brad Williams have a daughter. Their daughter was born in January 2020. Her daughter’s name is Murcia. She resembles her mother more than her father.

Brad and Jasmine are a happy couple. They have overcome challenges as a young family. They are enjoying their new life together. They have a dog and two children.


Having been a part of the entertainment world since a young age, American actor and comedian Brad Williams has made his mark in the entertainment industry. He has starred in several movies, television shows, and comedy specials. He is considered to be one of the funniest comedians in the country.

Williams was born in Orange, California. He attended Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton. He dropped out before graduating. He then attended the University of South California. He later began doing stand up comedy.

Brad Williams started playing rugby when he was young. He was also a part of the university’s rugby team. He was selected to be a member of the team’s squad. He became captain of the team. He also represented the team in the Scottish open and world championships. He was scouted by the Newport Gwent Dragons. He played against France and Romania. He is also a member of the Welsh Wrestling team. He was also trained by head coach Alan Jones. He also competed in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the UAE.

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