Children’s thermal underwear – types, which thermal underwear is best for a child?

All parents are familiar with the magical anticipation of winter with New Year’s holidays, which, in addition, carry the threat of colds as a result of cooling or overheating of the child’s body. A common cold can be the beginning of a chain of acute respiratory viral infections and other colds.

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The child may not be able to notice increased sweating or cold air currents, but it can be prevented by using thermal underwear for children

How to choose the right thermal underwear for children?

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Advantages and features of children’s thermal underwear – what is it for?

  • famous for its increased durability
  • has high elasticity and does not stretch
  • has a water-repellent surface
  • does not disturb skin breathing
  • does not irritate delicate skin,
  • does not restrict movement and fits snugly to the skin
  • keeps comfort in bad weather
  • keeps warm as much as possible
  • does not need ironing
  • does not change color or fade
  • has an antibacterial layer to eliminate sweat odor
  • connected by flat seams
  • does not have internal labels

Thermal underwear for children
Thermal underwear for children

Children’s thermal underwear – types, how to choose the right thermal underwear for children?

Upon closer examination of styles, colors and materials, a useful question arises – what thermal underwear to choose for a child?

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A responsible parent will not heed the advice of a salesperson who is sometimes interested in selling quickly rather than saving you money. We have compiled for you objective rules and tips for the optimal choice of thermal underwear for children
How to choose thermal underwear for children
Thermal underwear for children is made of natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • Thermal underwear from merino wool perfectly repels excess moisture and warms up remarkably in winter frosts. Such thermal underwear is suitable for calm walks in the fresh air.
  • For an active winter holiday associated with constant sweating, it is better to choose synthetic thermal underwear… It will remove excess moisture from the body, and the baby will not feel “wet and sweaty.”

Thermal underwear for children - how to choose?
If you are not sure which thermal underwear is best for your child, consider for what conditions it is intended.

  • If for street sports or playing soccer, then you need to buy sports and ordinary for the street.
  • For the little ones you can buy hypoallergenic wool thermal underwear that keeps you warm in cold weather.

Thermal underwear for children

How to wear thermal underwear for children – basic rules

  • Children under 2 years old do not need synthetic thermal underwearbecause they sweat a little. For them, it is better to choose woolen or cotton thermal underwear. For particularly cold climates, there is a two-layer model, with cotton inside and wool outside.
  • Children after 2 years old can choose two-layer thermal underwearwhere the inner layer is natural and the outer layer is synthetic.
  • Pure wool thermal underwear is not suitable for everyonesince the coat may not match the baby’s skin and cause allergic dermatitis.
  • Thermal underwear must not be worn over other clothing! To preserve its thermal properties, it must be worn on a naked body.
  • Do not buy “growth” thermal underwear. Choose the size of your child’s thermal underwear at the time of fitting. At the same time, make sure that it fits snugly, but does not hinder movement.

Thermal underwear for children
If you have heard negative reviews about thermal underwear, you can ask if parents know how to wear thermal underwear for a child… Subject to all of the above rules, your child will feel comfortable, regardless of the weather conditions.

Thermal underwear is especially suitable for mobile children due to high wear resistance, comfortable wear and prevention of hypothermia… You no longer have to be nervous or persuade to change clothes – just put on a comfortable set, and you can be calm about the health of the child.

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