Chris Miles Net Worth

Chris Miles Net Worth

Chris Miles is a well-known American rapper who was born in 1999 on Long Island, NY, USA. He signed a record deal with Warner/Chappell and T3 Music Group in 2012. During his rise to fame, Chris gained exposure from his appearance on the popular TV show, America’s Got Talent. In the video, he rapped a song entitled ‘DialTone’, which has gone viral on YouTube. It was this track that got the attention of the masses and made him famous.

The first thing that people may not know about Chris is that he did not have a degree. In fact, he did not even pursue a college education. Rather, he worked as a school teacher before entering politics. His resume also includes a stint as a parliamentary secretary for Prime Minister John Howard. During this time, he was a social conservative within the Liberal Party.

Since stepping into politics, Chris has been able to leverage his celebrity to boost his earnings. He has been a sports correspondent for NBC Sports Washington since 2014. Earlier, he hosted Wizards games at NBCSW in Washington and pregame shows for NBA-TV in Atlanta.

Aside from his work as a reporter and a broadcaster, Miles has also been a successful entrepreneur. He recently signed a lucrative deal with a renowned music label. This paved the way for him to take his brand of hip-hop to new heights.

Despite his modest start, Miles has proven his prowess in the business with the help of a large number of hit songs. His songs have racked up millions of views on YouTube. Additionally, he has appeared on several other major TV shows, such as JUS and the aforementioned America’s Got Talent. As of now, the pop star is reportedly worth about $9 million.

Another notable accomplishment of Chris Miles is that he is one of the few celebrities with a Twitter account. He has more than 2.6k followers on the microblogging platform. Apart from tweets, he often posts content on Instagram and Facebook.

Other than that, it is difficult to find out much about the young musician. Though his career has been a success, his personal life is fairly private. Moreover, he has not shared any details about his parents or siblings. However, he did make an effort to get his name tattooed on his arm.

If you want to learn more about the talented rapper, you can visit his official page. You can also follow him on Twitter at @RealChrisMiles. Although he has not announced any plans to release a new album or perform in any live concerts, it seems that his musical talent is set to grow in the years to come. Besides, he’s likely to make a decent sum from his concert tour.

Lastly, a look at his bio might reveal that he is a social media savvy guy. He has a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a website that he uses to promote his latest work.

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