Female and male names for a child born under the zodiac sign Aquarius

Zodiac sign Aquarius nameThe Air sign is endowed with variability in character and some eccentricity in behavior. Routine and quiet are not for them. They crave movement and fun. They have an attractive appearance and high intelligence. Always surrounded by friends or just acquaintances, where they conduct extravagant experiments and embody original projects. Impulsiveness in character and striving for vivid and memorable events make them a little stubborn and intolerant of other people’s weaknesses. When choosing a name, you need to pay attention to the creative features in order to strengthen them and add a little logic and perseverance.

Successful boy names

Aquarians are independent and strong personalities. A lot of eccentricity and charm bring a special charm, felt from a distance. Boys will find a way out of any situation – all available methods are used for this. They have a particularly developed sense of justice, which is close to stubbornness. Aquarians do not react to criticism in their address, but they like to discuss other people’s shortcomings. They have great learning abilities, expressed by the multifaceted interests.

Zodiac sign Aquarius name for boy


Differs in a good-natured disposition with a high degree of sensitivity. They are sociable and lively children with great abilities in technical sciences. They keep everyone at a distance, tearing off their vulnerable and sensual soul, even from those close to them. They are equally benevolent with friends and strangers, but during a conflict they are able to hit a sore spot.


Self-confident person with communication skills and high efficiency. Reacts sharply to injustice and always protects the weak. A slightly eccentric personality who prefers to take a walk in the park and watch a movie.


Differs in firm and tough character, which is expressed in confident actions and decisions. This is the soul of the company, capable of telling anecdotes and stories from life for days. Herman always has many friends with whom he shares all his experiences and events. Studying is easy, so they like to skip lessons.


An inquisitive and cheerful person. Easily gets carried away with new projects. The character is a little lacking in firmness and determination. Dependent on the opinions of friends, which creates certain difficulties in life. Criticism is perceived sharply and painfully.

Ivan, Jan

They are solid and independent, rather proud, but have a certain sensitivity. They are easy to injure, so it is worth being tactful and considerate. They do not know how to hide their feelings, which creates difficulties in communication. They do not know how to cope with their own emotions, easily falling into panic in a dangerous situation.


He is endowed with a rich sense of humor, therefore he has many friends. Agile and carried away requires a special approach. He is indifferent to his studies, demanding increased control from his parents. He prefers to make decisions on his own in an older age – in childhood he relies on the opinion of his elders.


Independent and judicious nature. Differs in prudence in his actions and decisions, so he rarely makes mistakes. Responsible in all endeavors, not leaving the matter halfway. A reliable and devoted friend who will not quit in difficult times.


Has an energetic and sociable disposition. A sensitive nature will never pass by someone who needs help. Prefers to hide the vulnerability of the soul behind a mask of indifference. Studying is easy, so he devotes little time to it.

Yuri, Georgy

Has a developed sense of independence and purposefulness. Absolutely self-confident people with firmness and determination. They achieve great success in any endeavor, but they treat it with increased self-criticism, overestimating their own requirements. They know a lot of jokes, which makes it easy to make acquaintances.

Names for girls

Free and independent natures do not tolerate boredom and routine. These are non-standard and strong personalities. Actions and decisions are filled with extravagance and eccentricity. They do not tolerate a tactless attitude towards themselves, but they themselves are often rude and ruthless towards others. They have a great ability for creative pursuits. They are characterized by inconsistency in decisions and actions, so it is difficult to predict their actions.

Zodiac sign Aquarius name for girl


Sincere motives are present in all undertakings and actions. A delicate sensitive nature with agile traits in character. Originality is present in everything – in clothes, hair, make-up, actions and deeds. Strong and vulnerable at the same time, Agnia leaves a light train of secrets and enigma.


Endowed with a rich imagination and sensitivity. Emotions are manifested brightly and sharply, which makes it difficult to adequately assess the situation. When making a difficult and important decision, you lack firmness and confidence. There is a slight moodiness in the character, which brings a special charm to the image.


She is full of optimism and ready to help every disadvantaged person. She is sociable and sociable. Differs in independence and independence in decisions. You need a strong mentor’s hand to guide you in the right direction. Hardworking and efficient, so she easily reaches heights in any business.


Possesses increased emotionality and impulsivity. A sensitive nature easily responds to a call for help. There is a slight coldness in the character, bringing notes of mystery to the image. Perseverance and firmness help to achieve success in all endeavors.


It is distinguished by an independent and impulsive disposition, which manifests itself in a determination to achieve great heights. Criticism from the outside is perceived painfully, so you need to point out mistakes carefully and gently. Learning requires adult supervision to help you succeed and cope with innate laziness.


He has a developed intuition, so he feels good about other people. An open and lively girl does not tolerate routine. She needs movement and activity, which will give the opportunity to constantly develop. Takes on several projects at once, but copes with all with ease.


Sociable and emotional person. Filled with optimism and openness to new things. She is capricious and impulsive, so she often cries and gives in to emotions. Strives for victory in all endeavors, but can be lazy and irresponsible.

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