Bologny’s 7 best engaging female investigator TV shows

The best serials about women investigators are headed by multi-part Russian films, with striking actresses and unique plots.

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Secrets of the investigation (2000-2018)

In the first place is the Russian TV series “Secrets of the Investigation”, which has stood for 18 seasons and is gaining popularity from year to year.

The image of Maria Shvetsova, an investigator of the St. Petersburg Investigative Committee, was created by St. Petersburg actress Anna Kovalchuk. One case is being investigated over the course of 2 episodes.

Secrets of the investigation (2000-2018) 1

For 18 seasons, criminal cases taken from real life were very diverse: most often murders, with motives ranging from jealousy and envy to substitutions and cover-ups. Maniacs and serial killers, thieves and the mafia – Marya Sergeevna faced everyone.

Her career developed unevenly: from an investigator to a lawyer, from a lower rank to a deputy. the prosecutor, from the captain to the lieutenant colonel. As the plots develop, the personal life of the main character is also transformed. Petersburg landscapes and courtyards – “wells” form a holistic impression of “bandit Petersburg”, in which prosecutors and investigators are always on guard of the law.

Snoop (2014)

In second place in the Bologny rating is the relatively new series “Snoop” with Maria Shukshina in the title role.
The head of the murder department of the St. Petersburg police department, Lieutenant Colonel Alexandra Marinets is an attractive woman, but with a professional acumen and an impeccable reputation.

Snoop (2014)

Her strength appears to the audience on a par with the official duty of her fellow operas: a purely male team becomes the ideal ground for a strong-willed charismatic personality investigating complex criminal cases.

Mom detective (2012)

In third place among the new series – “Mama detective”. In the main role – Inga Oboldina.

A cozy and positive series for viewers 16+ is made according to the laws of a classic detective story, without a sea of ​​blood and a mountain of corpses.

Mom detective (2012)

Larisa Lelina is an investigator with a keen intuition and professional flair, with a rich personal life, in which her ex-husband-boss and a nice partner, as well as 2 children, and 1 more in the project, participate.

The part of the “first violin” is beautifully performed by a strong woman with a clear understanding of the principles of the work of an investigator and the rules of relations in the criminal world.

Method (2015)

This is followed by the series “Method” with K. Khabensky and P. Andreeva in the lead roles.

A criminal detective story, built on the masterful disclosure of cases of various maniacs, was directed by a group of producers headed by A. Tsekalo and K. Ernst.

Method (2015)

The mysterious lone investigator Rodion Meglin himself turns out to be a former maniac, so that the psyche of the criminals doomed to eternal pursuit is familiar to him firsthand …

Amazon (2011)

The detective series tells about the activities of the female special unit under the same name, created under the investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Amazon (2011)

The original “female” tactics bring success in the investigation of crimes, and the quartet of 4 bright individuals attracts lovers of the “syrup”.

Precinct (2009)

In 2009, the film “Precinct” was released with Maria Zvonareva in the title role.

Senior Lieutenant of the Investigation Department, after moving to a new apartment, she becomes a local policeman.

Precinct (2009)

Domestic problems and personal life do not interfere with the practical application of the skills of the techniques obtained while working in the UK.

No statute of limitations (2012)

Investigator Anna Shatrova (performed by E. Yudina) is the main character of the series. She heads a group of operas at Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and exclusively investigates “dead hangings” – cases that are hopeless due to the lack of evidence and direct witnesses.

No statute of limitations (2012)

Non-standard techniques and forced confessions, criminal dramas and analysis of the facts of the crime – everything will be found by the viewer who prefers the detective genre to any other.

Do not forget about the classics of the genre presented by Viola Tarakanova and Anastasia Kamenskaya, as well as the “lover of private investigation” Dasha Vasilyeva.

The series that appeared on television screens more than 10 years ago do not cease to amaze if you revisit them and look at the production and stories through the eyes of a resident of today.

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