Colady’s genius test – only a few will pass

A team of psychologists from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has created a unique test that can determine with almost 100% accuracy whether you are a genius. Colady gives you a unique opportunity to complete it right now!

What do we have to do?

Take a look at this visual puzzle and try to find the letter “T” hidden among other letters in 10 seconds.

test letter T
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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People who can find the letter

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Test results

If you were able to find this letter in less than 10 seconds, then congratulations! You are definitely a genius! The faster you see it, the closer you are to a group of genius people.

The results of this study showed that when test takers are given a time limit and certain conditions (in our case it is 10 seconds)then they can search faster and more efficiently.

People who are able to ignore distractions have an immediate improvement in visual search performance, a critical skill in a number of professions.“- said the author of the test, psychologist Corbin Cunningham.

It is interesting!

What did the initial experiment look like with this test? Participants were first asked to look for specific letters on a computer screen. In one case, participants were told that the letters would not be of a specific color, and in other cases, they were not given any color cues at all.

When some participants were asked to ignore a particular color, their reaction time slowed down at first, but then they found the correct letter faster than participants who were not given color cues.

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In fact, the study found that the more information participants could skip (exclude from the search), the faster they found the target. According to the researchers, this shows that the ability to ignore is a key component of the ability to focus.

Attention is a brain function that improves processing of important information– explained the co-author of the test Howard Eget, professor of psychology at Johns Hopkins University. – Our research emphasizes the importance of actively suppressing competing stimuli or excluding information, that is, what I call the “dark side” of attention.“.

If you didn’t do it, no big deal, here is the key to the answer:

test letter T 2
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren

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