Critter Pricker Net Worth

What is Critter Pricker Net Worth?

Joseph Balistreri appeared on Shark Tank episode 1116 to present his humane raccoon deterrent called Critter Pricker. Joe runs his own pest control business in Boca Raton, Florida and finds that raccoons can be an extreme nuisance due to their destructive habits and germ-spreading antics. Therefore, Joe developed the concept for a spike that can be installed on rooftops, walkways or decks to keep racoons away.

Balistreri had sold $80,000 worth of his product during the year leading up to his appearance on Shark Tank and is aiming for $115,000 as 15% equity and royalty of $2.50 per unit in perpetuity from Kevin O’Leary for the product’s safety concerns. Although some sharks had reservations, this offer was accepted.

Critter Pricker is a netting solution designed to easily repel raccoons and other large animals without harming them. The device works by placing small plastic spikes into the ground which raccoons can see, yet are too small for their feet to touch; as a result, they feel uncomfortable about stepping on them; thus helping protect areas where damage might be done by these animals such as trash bins or swimming pools from potential problems caused by these predatory mammals.

As well as helping homeowners evict raccoons from their property, this device has also proven itself effective against other pests, including birds. Farms use it to deter birds from roosting while it may also help ward off skunks, squirrels and opossums from landing there too!

Though these spikes do not harm animals directly, their sharp tips pose a potential threat to children and pets if touched accidentally. Therefore, it is best to use the prickers in areas that won’t come into contact with children or animals and cover them after use to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Critter Prickers have many competitors, such as Critter Ridders, Raccoon Traps and Scat Mats; however, none can match its success at keeping raccoons and larger animals off of properties – making them popular choices among both homeowners and farmers. Online vendors sell these prickers; please consult the manufacturer before purchase to make sure it’s suitable for both children and pets.

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