Curly Howard Net Worth

Curly Howard Net Worth

Curly Howard is an American vaudevillian and actor. He is best known for his role in the Three Stooges. The Three Stooges were a comedy team that was popular for its improvisation and physical comedy. They were originally composed of Larry Fine, Ted Healy, and Moe Howard, but later included their younger brother Shemp Howard. Their act became successful, and their short-films were filmed by Columbia Pictures.

Curly was born on October 22, 1903 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Jerome Lester Horwitz and Marion Buxbaum. In 1937, he married Elaine Ackerman. However, the couple divorced after only three years of marriage. There is only one child, Marilyn, from their union.

Curly became a member of the Three Stooges in 1932. Although he was the youngest of the three brothers, he was the most famous. Before joining the team, he was an accomplished basketball player and ballroom dancer. During his youth, he also worked in various odd jobs.

Despite his early success, Curly began to suffer from health problems. This led him to resign from the act. Moreover, his voice started to get weaker. Eventually, he was diagnosed with hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, obesity, and severe headaches. Sadly, he also suffered from multiple strokes. Some of his most memorable films include Dancing Lady, Fugitive Lovers, and The Captain Hates the Sea.

As a vaudevillian, Curly favored physical comedy. In fact, his performance style was characterized by a high-pitched and slapstick tone. It was during the filming of “Half-Wits Holiday” in May 1946 that he suffered a serious stroke. Afterwards, he went to a hospital where his brother Moe rushed him. When he was admitted to the hospital, he had a slight limp. After undergoing treatment, he made a cameo appearance in the movie Hold That Lion!

As of early 2017, Curly’s net worth was estimated to be $10 million. Moreover, he has an estimated salary of $5 million. However, the net worth of the Three Stooges is much larger. Since the team made several films, their net worth increased.

As an actor, Curly starred in many films, such as Myrt and Marge, The Hollywood Party, Turn Back the Clock, and Swing Parade of 1946. His career spanned over four decades. In addition to his acting, he also produced a number of short films. These were largely his primary source of income.

Curly Wright had an alcoholic problem. Nevertheless, he never drank while performing on stage. He spent money on food and wine, and he was often near bankruptcy. Also, Curly developed self-consciousness about his looks.

Curly is still remembered for his witty and slapstick comedy. Besides his fame, he is also remembered for his kindheartedness towards stray dogs. Even though his career ended with a massive stroke, he was remembered for his improvisation skills, and for his charismatic personality.

In his heyday, Curly was one of the most recognizable and talented comedians in the world. His high-pitched voice and his physical performance style endeared him to audiences. But the deterioration of his health in the mid-1940s caused him to retire.

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