Dawson Gurley Net Worth 2021

Dawson Gurley Net Worth 2021

One of the best-known American YouTube stars and pranksters is Dawson Gurley. He started filming his prank videos using hidden cameras when he was just eleven years old. Since then, he has become popular on social networking sites and has accumulated over seven million subscribers. He has earned a substantial amount of money from his videos, as well as advertising on his channels.

As a child, Dawson aspired to be famous. His idols were NBA stars like Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, and Tracy McGrady. In addition, he liked the Jackass movies, which inspired him to start making prank videos. When he was in high school, he became a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are now one of the most powerful teams in the NBA.

After finishing his high school, Dawson started working at Mesa Community College. But he soon decided to quit and concentrate on his videography career. Then, he launched his own channel called Big Daws Tv in 2012.

Since then, he has built a fan base around his channel. He has earned thousands of dollars per month from his YouTube videos. He has earned a lot of money from sponsors and merchandising deals. Most of his income comes from his pranks. Besides, he also organizes giveaways for his fans.

Dawson Gurley has been married to Kelly Gurley since 2017. They were first introduced when they met during a Vlog video. Their love has been long-lasting. However, they have not revealed much about their relationship. Although they have not disclosed if they have children together, they have a son named Myles Wade.

Despite being known as “Fake Klay Thompson,” Dawson has never revealed any personal details to the media. This includes his religion and body measurements. Also, he has kept a low-profile and has not had any controversies. During his marriage, he shared a photo of his wife saying “yes” when he proposed.

On October 10, 2019, Dawson Gurley announced that he has created a new channel for his pranks. It is now called BigDaws Tv Extras, and will be hosted by him and his girlfriend. These two have been together for a couple of years, and they have welcomed a son into the world in July of this year.

Dawson Gurley is also known for his goodwill pranks. He has pranked many people, including total strangers. For example, he surprised a delivery man with $1000. Likewise, he gave away $20 to anyone willing to help him. Other times, he pranks strangers with Iphones.

Whether he is wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey or not, he still looks remarkably similar to Klay Thompson. Many fans have compared him to the former NBA star. To add to his resemblance, he has been courtside at Warriors games for eight years.

If you are looking to find out more about the life of Dawson Gurley, you should look at his website. He is a well-known American prankster and YouTube personality, who has earned millions of dollars through his pranks.

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