Decolorizing hair: which tips really help

If you prefer to avoid the chemical club for the hair after a dyeing accident, you can also bleach your hair with the following home remedies.

1. Bleaching hair with baking soda

Baking powder and baking soda are considered all-rounders in the household. But the white powder is not only ideal for cleaning. It is also often used in beauty. So also to pull an unwanted color out of the hair. To bleach the hair with baking soda, mix two packets of baking soda with 250 ml of lukewarm water and apply to dry hair. After 20 minutes exposure time, rinse the hair thoroughly.

Sounds promising, but the method has a catch. Unfortunately, the desire to turn brown dyed hair into a blonde mane is out of place here. At best, the hair can be bleached by two shades with baking powder. This variant also dries out the hair a lot, which is why a rich treatment afterwards is urgently advisable.

2. Hair dyed too dark? Discolor naturally with chamomile tea

Another home remedy to bleach your hair is a conditioner with chamomile tea. This ensures that the hair naturally lightens and is therefore suitable for colors that have turned out too dark. Boil 750 ml of water, add eight tea bags of chamomile tea and allow to steep well. When the mixture is cold, it is massaged into the already washed hair. In this case, rinsing is not necessary.

However, visible results are achieved only if the process is repeated several times a week. This natural home remedy also only creates an effect that is one shade lighter.

3. Bleaching hair with honey

Honey water is another home remedy for decolorizing. Just a tablespoon of honey is enough to pull the unwanted color out of your hair. Dissolve this in a glass of warm water and massage the mixture into your hair. The exposure time should be just under an hour. To enhance the desired effect, wrap your hair in foil or put on a shower cap. The heat penetrates the mixture deeper into the hair. Then wash your hair as usual.

The good thing about it: The honey already cares for the hair and makes it soft and supple. A cure afterwards can therefore be dispensed with.

4. Bleaching hair with lemon

Lemon is not only suitable for lightening the hair. If the hair is too dark, citric acid can help. The mixing ratio is as follows: the juice of four lemons to 100ml of water. It is advisable to use fresh juice for this. If you prefer to use concentrated lemon juice from the supermarket, you should make sure that the acid content is not too high, otherwise it can destroy the hair structure. The mixture then remains on the hair for about 20 minutes and is then thoroughly washed out. It is important that a nourishing shampoo is used after the procedure.

If none of this helps and the unwanted color still remains in the hair, there is no way around going to a professional hairdresser.

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