Deon Taylor Net Worth

Deon Taylor Net Worth – How Much Is Deon Taylor Worth?

Deon Taylor’s career in entertainment has spanned more than 15 years. During this time he has made a number of movies. He has also founded his own company. His most notable films include “The Intruder” and “Fatale.”

Before becoming a filmmaker, Taylor played professionally in Germany. He also received a full-tuition scholarship to attend San Diego State University. After graduating, he earned a biology degree. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Sacramento, California, that he decided to pursue a filmmaking career.

Taylor founded an independent film production company called Hidden Empire Film Group. The group has produced a wide variety of larger budgeted projects. It’s a testament to his boundless energy as a multi-hyphenate writer that he has been able to develop his own film business. Among the HEFG’s successes were the “fake news” TV series he wrote and produced, the Oscar-winning film “Supremacy,” and the comedy series “Nite Tales.”

Deon Tayler is a self-taught creative genius. He has written and directed a number of movies, including the thriller “Supremacy” and the slasher/thriller “Chain Letter.” He has also produced a number of television shows, such as “All-Star Weekend” with Jamie Foxx and the miniseries “Trafficker” with Michael Ealy.

Taylor has also produced a slew of hit movies on a shoestring budget. One of his more popular films, “The Intruder,” grossed more than $41 million at the box office. That’s a lot of money. If you’re looking for a thriller that makes the cut, you’ll want to check out his next movie, “Black and Blue.” This film follows the “The Intruder” in May. Whether or not you’ll enjoy it is a matter of opinion.

During his time at San Diego State, Deon Taylor was named conference’s “Newcomer of the Year.” Despite not winning a single game in his first season, he still managed to increase pass catching from eight to 26 catches and five to six touchdowns. While a junior, he averaged five and six touchdowns per game, and finished in the top ten of the Heisman voting.

Although Taylor may not be a household name, his movies are well worth checking out. His newest film, “Black and Blue,” is a psychological thriller centered around sex trafficking. On October 25, it’ll be released by Screen Gems.

Other recent hits have included the comedy “Nite Tales: The Movie,” starring Flavor Flav and Rick Ross. Also, the sequel to Meet the Blacks, titled “Meet the Blacks: Volume 2,” starred Katt Williams and Snoop Dogg. Though it did not fare as well financially as its predecessor, it did garner a lot of attention for being the first feature-length comedy to feature black comedians in a comedy movie.

Ultimately, though, a movie is only a movie if it is successful. Deon Tayler’s career has only begun, and he’s not yet achieved the household name status that many other Hollywood celebrities have. With so many projects in the works, it’s unclear whether or not he’ll continue to make a splash.

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