Desmond And Kristy Scott Net Worth

Kristy Scott and Desmond McMillan Net Worth

When we think of famous TikTok stars, there are a couple that comes to mind – Kristy Scott and Desmond McMillan. They are both known for their loveable personalities and hilarious videos. These two are also good friends who have shared a close bond since childhood. This pair has been together for about five years and have become a married couple.

They have been in a relationship for over six months, and they got engaged on February 8, 2014. The couple has two kids – Vance and Westin. However, there is no official information on their net worth. Instead, they make money from paid partnerships, sponsored content, and endorsements.

As a child, Kristy had an intense interest in fashion and modeling. She studied at a private school in her hometown, then went on to finish college. In 2010, she launched her own YouTube channel. Today, she is a renowned social media influencer. Her videos are viewed by millions of people on different platforms.

Desmond and Kristy have been a couple for almost five years. They met in person at a movie and became very close. The couple started communicating through mobile phones, but they finally met in person. After a few dates, the two of them decided to get married.

Desmond and Kristy have two sons – Vance and Westin. Both of the kids are a huge part of their life. Creating content for a family can be difficult, but the pair has done a great job of balancing their time and their lives.

Kristy and Desmond are able to create content on their own, but they have also teamed up with brands such as Estee Lauder to create videos. This helps to make up their part of the net worth. But the majority of their income is from modelling. Their popularity has allowed them to get sponsored packages, which brings a significant amount of money into their pocket.

Kristy Scott has been known for creating content that focuses on family adventures and pranks. In fact, the couple has an active YouTube channel named “The Scotts.” Besides their pranks, they have also captured moments of family joy and tenderness. Among their best-known videos are ones highlighting the reactions of their parents and siblings to their pranks.

In addition to pranks, the couple has also created a few videos that focus on home design and family fun. The couple has even taken on the role of co-founders of a production company called Mean to be Films. The couple has produced numerous wedding movies and narrative movies.

Although the two of them have been in a relationship for many years, they have always kept their haters at bay. They have worked hard to avoid controversy and controversies, and have been able to maintain a positive aura around them. Moreover, both Kristy and Desmond have a large fan following on different social media sites. Whether they are posting funny videos or showcasing their personal life, they have earned a lot of fans.

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