Dharod Family Net Worth

The Dharod Family Net Worth

The Dharod family has an impressive net worth of approximately $4 billion. They are one of the most successful families in India and have been involved in the industry for many years. Although their ancestors started out in humble circumstances, they have become rich through hard work and dedication. Today, they own several businesses and restaurants. In fact, Sunil and Harshad Dharod have a combined net worth of over $100 million.

It is not surprising that the Dharod family has become rich. Their roots go back to the 13th century. However, they are most famous for their two brothers, Sunil and Harshad. Both men are entrepreneurs and have built a multi-billion dollar business empire.

Sunil was born in India. He came to the United States at the age of fifteen. After finishing school, he worked in an auto mechanic’s shop. Almost every night, he earned money through working overtime. His father died when he was young, leaving him with his mother. Despite this, he was determined to continue studying. So he attended a trade school. As a result, he eventually got a job in an Indian restaurant. This experience opened his eyes to the business world.

During the summers, he worked at a Jack in the Box restaurant. After being promoted to chain supervisor, he decided to purchase his own restaurants. With his newfound experience in supervising restaurants, he was able to purchase more than a dozen units. Later, he sold some of them to buy a franchise for Burger King. A couple of years later, he bought an additional 37 Applebee’s locations in Texas. Eventually, he expanded the chain to over 300 units in 30 states.

Sunil Dharod and his brother, Harshad, both became entrepreneurs. The brothers are the founders of the Shyam Group, an Indian conglomerate that is based in Mumbai. They now own multiple restaurant franchises in the United States, including Jack in the Box, Roy’s, and CiCi’s Pizza. Their business has also expanded to include residential building and property.

Before they became entrepreneurs, the Dharod family worked in different jobs to earn money. When they were younger, they worked as milk sellers. Their brother, Harshad, was a medical student and wanted to be a doctor. But he was disappointed with the quality of education available in the country. Because of this, he chose to pursue a business degree.

Despite being poor, the two brothers were able to find a way to make their way in the business world. They were very dedicated and did their best to learn. For this reason, their business success is now recognized all over the world. While they are famous in India, they are also well-known in the U.S.

The Dharod family owns hundreds of homes and apartments, as well as a large number of restaurant franchises. They also own a luxury residence in the city. Despite their humble beginnings, they have achieved success, and they are predicted to have a combined net worth of over $80 million by 2021.

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