Dicky Eklund Net Worth

Dick Eklund Net Worth – How Much Is Dick Eklund Worth?

Dick Eklund was an esteemed American boxer in the Welterweight division who first turned professional in 1975 and won 19 fights – 4 via knockout – including 19 professional bouts over his 15 year professional career. Dick also gained notoriety as an esteemed trainer who trained his half brother Micky Wards who went on to become 2000 World Boxing Union Champion; currently living and working out of New England working as both personal trainer and boxing coach.

He hails from Lowell, Massachusetts with parents Alice Eklund-Ward and Richard Eklund Sr. He has two children – son Dicky and daughter Kerry. When not working, he enjoys playing tennis and spending quality time with family.

He runs a fitness center in Boston that boasts of high-end equipment, which attracts a lot of patrons. Furthermore, he boasts of having owned several luxury vehicles such as an Audi A8 as well as having extensive property holdings including expensive houses and apartments in his possession.

Personal relationships for him have varied throughout his life. Prior to dating actress Leslie Stephens – with whom he shares two children – they even lived together briefly before parting ways due to differing goals in life. Although they remained close, eventually this relationship came to an end due to differences in beliefs.

Mr. Ellis is also an established businessman, owning CORE Group Marketing as a real estate management firm with Douglass Elliman in New York, and operating a personal training studio where he offers boxing lessons among other fitness activities to his students. Furthermore, he is well-known as an inspirational motivational speaker.

Dicky is known to be extremely generous and often donates to charitable sports-related causes. An avid Boston Red Sox supporter, he can often be found attending their games. Furthermore, Dicky gives back by supporting various local and national youth organizations.

His finances are impressive; he boasts an immense bank balance of more than $5 million and spends most of his money on luxury items like clothing and other accessories, travels accommodations and tax payments.

Back in 2010, a biopic on his life was released, featuring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale as stars of The Fighter directed by Darren Aronofsky. At first, Brad Pitt was to play Dicky but later dropped out; Christian Bale took on this role instead and it proved immensely popular, winning numerous awards as well as being nominated for an Academy Award nomination in Best Motion Picture category.

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